Liquid Chromatography

Shimadzu HPLC systems demonstrate high reliability, with outstanding performance, such as ultra-low carryover and exceptional area reproducibility, and superior data quality. In addition, they are carefully designed for broad applicability and easy operation.

Product Lineup


  • The i-series, designed for covering conventional to ultra-...


  • The comprehensive 2D-LC methodology is a paradigm shift in...


  • Purification/powderization after retention and...

Nexera X2

  • Nexera X2 Series   A full range of...

Nexera SR

  • Nexera SR is configured with the new SPD-M30A...

Nexera MP

  • Ultra-high-speed multi-sample processing using SIL-30ACMP...

Nexera Quaternary System

Nexera XR

Prominence Modular HPLC

Prominence UFLC Fast LC


  •   HPLC/PDA Solution for identification of drugs in...

Method Scouting

Online Sample Preparation

iPad® Control

LabSolutions Direct



Software & Drivers


Shimadzu LC is controlled by various CDS and MS Software packages.
Please find more information in category Datamanagement & Software .