Solvent Inlet Filters for HPLC/UHPLC

Shimadzu offers a comprehensive selection of high-end and standard stainless steel solvent filters. The high-quality filters are suitable for many different LC instruments and applications and will optimize your HPLC/UHPLC results by removing any trace of particles from the solvent. 

GLC Suction Filter 2

The new HPLC Suction filter offers an additional mobile phase cleaning function,  providing a superb performance and significant increase of your instrument efficiency.



  • Removes contaminants from th mobile phase and prevents airborne contaminents from entering mobile phase
  • Does not affect gradient delay* to install this product in front of th pump
  • Available for LC/MS due to low bleed

    *The delay from the time agradient begins to be produced in the pump to when it reaches the column inlet





The GLC Suction Filter 2 is packed with activated carbon which acts as a chemical trap and removes contaminants present in the mobile phase. This product is easy to install and user-replaceable.


Product Information

P/N Internal Volume Qty.
370-02010-01 0.7 ml 1

Please read the manual carefully and pre-condition before use.
*The suction tube is not included. (recommended tubing e.g. 670-10321-05)
*3 mm outer diameter suction tube can be connected.
*The recommended replacement period is after passing 60L of mobile phase or 1 year after use.

Standard Suction Filter

Protects your LC system from any trace of particles from the solvent.

P/N Qty.
228-45707-91 1

*The suction tube is not included (recommended tubing e.g. 670-10321-05)
*3mm outer diameter suction tube can be connected


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