Research and Development with the Future in Mind

Research & Development

Shimadzu is engaged in the research and development of core technologies that will produce innovative next-generation products, the developments of new products that further improve current products and technologies, and the developments of highly versatile common technologies, including AI, IoT, and robotics. We are also working to respond rapidly to new issues and societal challenges by integrating and promoting technologies and know-how, and to develop the new businesses and technologies required by society in the future.

European Innovation Center

European Innovation Center Logo

Shimadzu has established four overseas innovation centers in the USA, Europe, China, and Singapore, to promote collaborative research and development with important customers, including universities, research institutions, and private sector companies that possess advanced technology.

The European Innovation Center in Duisburg, Germany, is an innovations-oriented think tank that combines academic and scientific expertise and technical knowhow in using Shimadzu technology to provide even better customer focused services. The center aims to merge Shimadzu cutting-edge analytical technologies with game changing concepts in markets and science identified by opinion leaders, strategic thinkers and scientific experts to create new solutions for tomorrow. With their advanced research expertise, highly regarded scientists from well-known European universities contribute to The European Innovation Center.

lab4you student program


Shimadzu has released its ‘lab4you’ student program for young scientists from all over Europe. Students can apply for laboratory bench space for their own research in the Laboratory World. The ‘lab4you’ program runs on a yearly basis. We are looking to support young, enthusiastic scientists with an interesting topic of research, by offering instrument time on the entire range of our state-of-the-art analytical equipment.

Design Awards

Shimadzu Design Awards

Products that have never before existed become industry trailblazers, revolutionizing our world. Since the Shimadzu Design Department was established in 1958, we have worked hard to create products that have never previously existed. And the hard work is paying off – Over the years, many Shimadzu products have received awards for their design and functionality. 




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