Our Social and Environmental Projects

Taking responsibility for people and the environment is a key issue for Shimadzu. This is why we have started various projects benefiting needy individuals and institutions, while also giving our colleagues a platform for personal social engagement.

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Social Day

Social Day

Our Social Day is a special event that brings the entire team together for a common cause – engaging in a meaningful social project that would make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Each year, we select a different location within Duisburg, Germany, where their support is needed. This thoughtful approach ensures that the company's efforts reach various communities, addressing different challenges and spreading goodwill to those who may benefit the most.


Social Day 2023: Daycare center of the "Verein für Menschen mit Körper- und Mehrfachbehinderung Duisburg e.V.".

Under perfect weather conditions, our colleagues from Shimadzu Germany and Shimadzu Europe were able to brighten up the outdoor area of the recently opened daycare center this year. Highly motivated, the grounds were given a new structure. In addition to planting fruit trees and shrubs, a terrace was built, a play hill was erected and raised beds were made from pallets. Furthermore, some preparatory work was done for the bobby car track.

Social Day 2022: Building a playground for the kindergarten "Zwergenland"

On the 9th of September 2022, 35 employees of Shimadzu Europe and Shimadzu Germany changed their normal workday against a project of corporate social responsibility.


Our Contribution to the community. 

Our Social Day took place in the forest kindergarten “Zwergenland” in Duisburg-Großenbaum. It is special that this kindergarten cares for their children outside in the forest under the open sky or in tents the whole day. It only opened on 1st August. The natural environment deserves to be the children’s daily playground instead of game consoles, plastic toys and co. “Zwergenland” is the first kindergarten of the Caritas Duisburg and also the first that cares for their children this way. The 40 kids separated into two groups discover the grounds daily anew with much excitement. On site, Melanie Jeromin was our cooperation partner. As the manager of the forest kindergarten, she stood aside with advice and support. Our colleagues always feel good about doing something good for others, crafting, creating, and doing things for a good purpose. E. g. Dr. Andreas Domröse, Product Specialist HPLC at Shimadzu Germany, emphasises that “it is especially important to us to be socially involved within the community where we have our location".  For Mascha Widler, Human Recruiter at Shimadzu Europe “the Social Day is about helping out and just making a contribution". In addition, Florian Geistmann, the Managing Director of Shimadzu Germany, highlights the importance of standing together as one team and achieving something for fellow human beings, or just for the children.

What we have built for the children. 

First, we have built two forest sofas with seating circles made of tree elements. They can be used for the morning circle with the children or parents' evenings or in general as a natural place for singing, telling stories, and creating other daily activities in the group. With nails and sledgehammers, we put the tree elements together to form a seating circle with a backrest, which was then filled with branches lying around. As some of the branches also had leaves on them, this gave the seating circle a comfortable atmosphere.   

Second, a natural mud and digging corner was created where the children can dig in the mud with scoops and shovels. To do this, the Shimadzu team used shovels and spades to loosen the ground and remove the weeds and stones.  

Additionally, we fixed the tents anew so that they are strong for every weather. Furthermore, we built high flower beds. The children enthusiastically helped us and filled the high beds with soil. At least, we built a deadwood hedge to border the individual play areas on the grounds for the children by wildly stacking branches on top of each other. 

Only natural resources from the forest were used for the project as a paddle tree and branches lying around. The paddle was cut into individual elements with a chainsaw, just as we needed it. After all, the children conducted a quality control and accepted their new playground with great joy. But not only the children benefit from the forest sofas and co, also the senior citizens of the day care and the young people from the rehabilitation facility on site. Now after Shimadzu’s engagement, the forest Duisburg-Großenbaum is a place for intergenerational coexistence.

The fun, sweat and mud were worth it, as Saskia Schulte, the organiser of the Social Day, says, because "you can't build a mud and digging corner without getting dirty". After all, there is nothing better than seeing the happy children with smiles on their faces


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Social Day 2021: Support for "Duisburg Summt”

This year, for the 7th Social Day, the project “Duisburg Summt” was supported. To create a colorful habitat for a variety of insects, animals and plants was the goal. 31 colleagues from Shimadzu Europe and Shimadzu Germany met together at the Kantpark in Duisburg. With the Lembruck Museum as a center for international sculpture, this is not only a sculpture garden but also a wonderful combination of art and culture. Since 2013, it has also been home to Kants Garten, a flowering community garden in the center of Duisburg.

The goal was to plant 2,000 perennials on 4 large flower beds, distributed throughout the park. In this we were actively supported by the city of Duisburg with a great preparation of the beds. The founder of the Kants Gärten and her team prepared the volunteers in detail for the planting and supported them with words and deeds.

But there was more to do. Over 50 nesting boxes for birds and bats had to be inspected, cleaned and the population evaluated. Here, the team of the Biological Station Westliches Ruhrgebiet (BSWR) gave their expert support as well.

The Shimadzu teams were highly motivated and visibly had a lot of fun with the various tasks. During the well-deserved break, there was a lot of discussion and tips & tricks were exchanged for the second part. It was an all-around successful and instructive Social Day!


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© Stadt Duisburg / Dr. Randolph Kricke

Social Day 2019: Learning in a new sparkle

6th Social Day. In September 2019, 25 volunteers from all over the company met for a day of social commitment in their local neighborhood area in Duisburg, Germany. Supported by the municipality, Shimadzu employees helped to renovate the “Am Rönsbergshof” special needs school.

“It was a great pleasure to support the school with its learning concept on ‘support through plants and animals.’ We were building a garden house and renovated the outside area for the animals,” explained Jürgen Semmler, Managing Director of Shimadzu Germany.

The full-time school, which specializes in the mental development of its pupils, offers various teaching and support options. In small classes, children and young people learn versatile skills to actively shape their future everyday lives independently. Working with the school’s sheep and donkeys as well as in the plant garden contributes to the students’ individual support. With at least two teachers per class, students receive the attention they need.

To create a pleasant learning atmosphere, the helpers supported the redesign of the exterior area for new students. Building, paving, weeding and painting were on the agenda. Now, a new garden house to store play and exercise materials as well as a newly paved area is available to the school. The pasture fence of the animal area has also been repaired. In sunny weather, participants of the Social Day removed weeds, giving the school grounds a new sparkle. During their time there, the Shimadzu employees also gained insights into the challenges and versatility of a special needs school.

“We were very happy with the commitment of the Shimadzu staff,” said school principal Sirka Justus. “In the name of all students and teachers, we cordially thank Shimadzu for its support and help. I was also very pleased that the Shimadzu staff are very interested in our work at the school.”

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Social Day 2018: Planting Trees for our environment

In the year of our 50th anniversary we've decided to support something ecologically necessary and meaningful about the current topics of climate change and environmental protection. A forest area was afforested and 1,500 new trees planted, which will hopefully accompany Shimadzu for the next 50 years.

Together with the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald, KV Duisburg (Duisburg Forest Ranger) we set the course for a piece of Duisburg's city forest in order to grow native deciduous trees for future generations.
1,200 young English oaks and 100 chestnuts, winter lime trees and hornbeams were planted by 30 committed employees on 7 December 2018. The trees have been selected in such a way that they fit into the natural tree species spectrum in order to be able to grow well in the long term on the somewhat nutrient-poor sandy soils. They are also of high ecological value.

The woodland to be planted is brightly lit, there are birch trees that are no longer vital, in many places only eagle fern grows. Through this planting, a contribution can be made to the long-lasting forest development at the 6-lake plate. In particular oak and lime are very long-lived tree species, which are to prepare also still much joy for the following generations. Forests with these native tree species serve as habitats for numerous rare and endangered animal, plant and fungal species.

The biennial to triennial trees with a size of about 1.50 m are planted relatively densely, so that in the first 20 to 30 years they can decide among themselves who will grow best. This copies nature, which through natural sowing from the mother trees produces an unimaginably large number of seedling offspring, which gradually develops in such a way that after only a few years only a few trees remain, which are further reduced in the course of tree growth. Usually the trees that secure themselves the best place in the sun in the long term, i.e. those that get the most light in the long term, prevail.

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Social Day 2015: Adventure Playground "Tempoli" in Duisburg

Also in 2015 Shimadzu didn't miss the chance to spend one day supporting a social project in Duisburg. This year the City of Duisburg drew our attention to the adventure playground "Tempoli". This municipal adventure playground is located in Duisburg Homberg-Hochheide, which is marked by a high social pressure for children and youths. Especially kids, living in financially weak households, get the ability to spend their free time in a highly qualitative environment. But the low personal capacity taking care of the playground, isn't able to maintain the large area as they would like to. So we rolled up our sleeves and optimistically started our work! 

A nature trail needed to be cutted clear, to open the access to the different "experience stations", like the barefoot path. Weed was removed, shrubs cutted, a raised bed garden removed and a stack of wood prepared for waste disposal. At the end of the day we very proudly looked back on a day full of tough work, many successfully completed missions and a committed team-work of Shimadzu and Duisburg colleagues!

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Social Day 2014: Supporting the Animal Rescue Organization in Duisburg

In 2014, Shimadzu focused on the next project. Within a short time, we identified the ideal partner to work with as the animal rescue organization, again in Duisburg. Its team was really happy when we offered our help.They have to rely mostly on volunteers for daily business, and it lacks time for repair, paint and decoration works. 18 Shimadzu colleagues gave their best to make animals and their care workers feel comfortable again.We cleaned up the storage room and painted the dog swimming pool. We cut down a tree and built a wooden hut. Tired but proud, we could look back on a really exciting team project.


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Social Day 2013: Helping the Malteser kindergarten "The little rascals"

In 2013, Shimadzu organized its first Social Day together with the Order of Malta volunteers. 25 Shimadzu colleagues committed to the „Maltese Social Day“ in different cities around Germany. The largest group gathered in Duisburg to work on a bigger project: renovating the Order of Malta’s “the little rascals” kindergarten. Together, the group painted walls and furniture, repaired broken toys and planted flowers. Within a day, the Shimadzu colleagues created a pretty environment again. This only works with a committed team.


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Girls'Day is an empowering and inspiring event dedicated to promoting gender equality and encouraging young girls to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields. Held annually on a designated day, Girls' Day aims to break down societal barriers and challenge stereotypes by providing girls with unique opportunities to explore a wide range of professions.


Girls'Day 2024

Girls' Day: Discover your inner scientist with us on the front line!

Shimadzu is taking part in Girls' Day again this year. On April 25, we will open the door to Shimadzu to 12 young girls aged 10 to 15 and offer them an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of scientific experiments and cutting-edge technology. We have a series of captivating experiments that we want to carry out together with the girls so that they can unleash their curiosity and discover the wonders of science first-hand. From unraveling the mysteries of chemical reactions to exploring molecular structures, the girls will discover the limitless possibilities of science. Led by our team of talented female scientists, we prepare the girls for an exciting journey of discovery that will inspire them and strengthen their passion for science.

Registration and the full program can be found here:

Girls'Day 2023

Girls'Day: Science – and you're in the center of it!

Girls'Day 2023

Once again, on April 27, 2023, Shimadzu enthusiastically participated in Girls'Day. We provided an incredible opportunity for 12 young girls, aged between 10 and 15, to explore the wonders of scientific experiments and technology. To ensure an engaging experience, we conducted captivating experiments:

  • Experiment 1: "Mix it Up"
    We demonstrated the creation of a dilution series by mixing different liquids using our state-of-the-art wet lab equipment. The prepared solutions from this experiment were utilized in the subsequent activity.
  • Experiment 2: "Magic of Light"
    In this experiment, the girls delved into the fascinating world of light. They began by constructing a theoretical spectrophotometer to understand how light can be broken down into its components. They then used an actual device to investigate the dilution series, exploring the color spectrum and color concentration.
  • Experiment 3: "Split it up"
    We showcased how mixtures of substances can be separated into their individual components. Starting with a basic experiment involving filter paper, water, and markers, the girls grasped the fundamentals. Next, they experienced the real power of Shimadzu equipment, witnessing the automatic separation of a substance mixture into its constituents. To further enhance their understanding, we analyzed a perfume sample, separating it into its distinct fragrance components.
  • Experiment 4: "Inspector Gummy"
    In this interactive experiment, we employed gummy bears to illustrate the functioning of a mass spectrometer. The girls observed as the gummy bears were dissolved and diluted, enabling the determination of sugar content. Additionally, they had the unique opportunity to wear VR glasses and explore a virtual introduction to the mass spectrometer.


The day concluded with a visit to our testing room, where we performed a live measurement demonstration for the girls. It was a thrilling experience for all. We were delighted by the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn displayed by the girls throughout the day. Their genuine interest in science was inspiring!

Get a glimpse into Shimadzu's Girls'Day 2023 experience in the video below.

Girls'Day 2022

Girls'Day - Girls' Future Day: for more diversity and equal opportunities 

Girls'Day 2022

Girls'Day - Girls' Future Day is a nationwide project for career and study orientation for girls.On this annual day of action, schoolgirls learn about professions or fields of study in which the proportion of women is less than 40 percent. The event is aimed at girls in grades 5 and up.

Shimadzu is at home in the natural sciences. The devices can be used to examine a wide variety of products, materials and substances - all for the protection of consumers, patients and the environment.

Shimadzu has been relying on the power of women for a long time, which is why we decided to take part in Girls'Day this year. Our product specialists and market managers will give the girls an insight into spectrometry and chromatography. They will explain the individual terms and their tasks as a product specialist and market manager at Shimadzu.


Girls'Day 2021

In 2021 we offered fifteen places for this event and and we were fully booked, which made us very happy. The young participants connected with us from different cities all over Germany and we were able to spend three exciting hours together.

In the short interviews, the colleagues talked about their school, training, internship and study as well as about their own interests, apart from the current tasks and characteristics of the job. A few experiments were carried out where the girls were involved and could take part under the guidance of our colleagues. That was a very nice Girls'Day. At the end of the day we got very positive feedback from the girls (and we were very satisfied ourselves).

Many thanks to all participants who made the day a success.

These are our colleagues who supported us during Girls'Day, shared their life stories and carried out the experiments.



Wishing Tree

Wishing tree

Our Wishing tree initiative is a project dedicated to making dreams come true for those in need. Rooted in the spirit of giving, the wishing tree embodies the magic of the Christmas season.

The concept is beautifully simple: individuals facing challenging circumstances or less fortunate situations submit their heartfelt wishes to Shimadzu. These wishes can range from basic necessities like warm clothing and food to more personal desires, such as a cherished toy for a child or a book for an aspiring reader. Our Shimadzu employees then have the opportunity to fulfill the wishes and to donate money.


Wishing Tree 2023
Wishing Tree 2023

As every year, our Christmas tree was decorated not only with beautiful baubles, but also with children's wish lists. In 2023, we focused on bringing joy to the children of single parents who lack financial resources and family support. We also raised money for Immersatt, an organisation that provides hot meals, homework help and tutoring to children in difficult circumstances.

Wishing Tree 2022

In 2022, we once again chose to support the organisation Immersatt and its projects to help people in need. This year, we fulfilled the wishes of several girls' residential groups in the north of Duisburg. In addition, we raised money which was used to donate packed lunches for children in need. Our employees also had the opportunity to donate animal food for the non-profit organisation Tiertafel Duisburg.


  • Wishing Tree 2022
  • Wishing Tree 2022
Wishing Tree 2020

2020 was a difficult year for all of us, during which we were also unable to hold our popular Social Day. We also had to rethink Christmas, as the implementation of our wishing tree was unfortunately not possible with the restrictions in place. Immersatt, the children's and youth table in Duisburg, with which we have been working since 2017, had big worries of its own. And so we decided to support only 2 social projects. In fact, this year it was really about the most necessary: food for people in need.

Besides Immersatt, we also supported the Herzenswärme association, which takes care of the homeless in our city. The voluntary private persons of Herzenswärme cook 2x a week for homeless and needy people. Both associations were supported with a donation of 2000 €. This came directly from Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH as well as Shimadzu Europa GmbH. Our employees participated, in the form of monetary donations and food donations.

Wishing Tree 2019

In addition to children's wishes, we also started Christmas 2019 for the first time with an in-kind donation campaign for another non-profit organization.

All Shimadzu employees collected well-preserved decoration / furnishing items for the Wohnkonzepte für Frauen, a concept of the Diakoniewerk Duisburg. This facility is a special offer for single homeless women. The women are supported in coming to terms with their situation and learning or developing the necessary skills to lead a self-reliant life. With our donations, we helped make the facility's apartments inviting and homey.

Wishing Tree 2019
Wishing Tree 2015

In 2015, our colleagues supported Santa Claus in the ‘Angertaler Street Youth Center’. There, children and young people between 6 and 21 years of age can do their homework in a quiet environment, play pool, table football, darts and soccer, dance, do arts & crafts, bake, surf the internet, play board games and meet friends. 54 children and youngsters took part in the Wish Tree project and made colorful Christmas cards on which they wrote their Christmas wishes. These were diligently being delivered by Shimadzu’s helpers to Santa Claus. The presents were finally handed out by Shimadzu employees during the Christmas party at the youth center, accompanied by dance performances of the children and the joint singing of Christmas carols.

  • Wishing Tree 2015
  • Wishing Tree 2015
  • Wishing Tree 2015
Wishing Tree 2014

2014, we did things a bit differently: we donated Christmas gifts to children living in Duisburg’s largest refugee home, hosting 200 people. The children come from Syria and we tried to help them to forget the war for a few moments. In addition, we also bought items such as hand towels and bedsheets which comfort everyday life. The families gave us a warm welcome when we visited. It was a nice joyful day – for the children and our Santas.

Wishing Tree 2012

Since December 2012, our Christmas tree in our cafeteria is not only decorated with baubles, but also with 70 wishes from Duisburg kids. In this initiative, we work closely together with the “Diakoniewerk Duisburg'' social welfare organization. This institution collects the children’s wishes and forwards them to us. Diakoniewerk Duisburg works with children living in daycare groups or children's homes, and also with homeless teenagers taken care of by the Youtel initiative integrating young people into social structures.

Our colleagues pick the wishes they would like to fulfil. During a pleasant get-together with drinks and cookies in our headquarters, the gifts are presented to the children. These are always exciting moments for the children, and also for our colleagues to see the sparkles in kids' eyes.



beeswe.love Shimadzu

With our commitment to the project „beeswe.love“, we are taking over a partnership for a bee colony and are enabling the creation of 100 square meters of natural meadow, the “bee pasture”.  

Our commitment may appear small compared to larger projects. But the idea is big since the approach of “beeswe.love” enables everyone to take part in sustainability efforts – whether individuals, small businesses or medium-sized companies. You can be part of our project and support your local bees with bee-friendly flowers.


Our bee colony in 2023

Our Shimadzu honey is simply award-winning

Our Shimadzu honey is simply award-winning

Our honey is produced gently by our partner beeswe.love, with care and a lot of love! This has now been sealed officially within the Baden Honey Award (Badische Honigprämierung): The beeswe.love honey was awarded two gold medals by the Landesverband Badischer e.V. A real knighthood for the beekeeping of beeswe.love. Because the anonymous submissions of the honey samples were precisely examined by means of laboratory analysis according to criteria such as presentation, purity, smell, taste or water content. This results in a maximum quality score for beeswe.love blossom and forest honey.

What we always knew is now official: Our honey is excellent! Congratulations to the conscientious beekeepers and our hard-working Shimadzu bees, who of course also played a big part in this success! Go on, bees!

How our Shimadzu Bees started into the spring

How our Shimadzu Bees started into the spring

Our bee colony started well in the new year. This year we are again very happy and grateful that our bee colony has successfully survived the winter months. At present, the colonies are still huddled very closely in the winter hive in the snow and frost, with queens and broods protected in the middle. First flights could already be observed on warm days and we are excited for the soon awakening of nature. We will keep you updated with the wellbeing of our bees and their awakening in spring.

There are many reasons to protect biodiversity and nature. These are a few of our sustainability engagements to keep the little insects well.

Our bee colony in 2022

November 2022 – Our flower honey 2022 is here

Each honey is unique and the aromatic image of a whole bee year. The hard-working Shimadzu bees were able to collect a great variety of honey in 2022. We taste the fruit blossoms of spring, velvety rapeseed, forget-me-nots, roses and the wonderfully fragrant summer meadows. All in one jar, finely stirred creamy and delicately melting... delightful!

July 2022 – The grass is greener on our side

July 2022 – The grass is greener on our side

Thanks to our sponsorship with beeswe.love we were able to create a large bee pasture which is now in full splendor in July! We are happy about all the buzzing and chirping life, countless butterflies, beetles and birds and of course the rich buffet for our bees! Buffet for our bees!

April 2022 – Our bees are healthy and happy

April 2022 – Our bees are healthy and happy

To make sure our bees are doing well, they have a health check once a year. Once we have a health certificate, the colonies can finally move to their new locations for 2022, pollinate the landscape and produce delicious honey.

Our bee colony in 2021

December 2021 – Sweets from our sweethearts... our honey 2021

Recently we received our honey - the harvest of the whole year of our bee colony. Of course, we do not want to leave this central event uncommented in any case, because 2021 was a special year - also for our bees. Let us briefly look back: 

The season started "very British": rain, rain and more rain. So no starting permission for insects. The numerous nectar offers and Trachten, such as sloe, oak or fruit blossom fell so largely literally in the water. A bright spot: The rape blossom. Here, the bees were finally able to make full use of their resources. In summer and fall, when the natural food supply was gradually depleted, we were able to continue to provide our bees with ample flowering and bee pastures. For this, our colleagues were energetically engaged in our Social Day 2021. In the detailed analysis of our honey, we see all the events of the year mapped:A very high percentage of good canola nectar, as well as pollen from phacelia, rose & maple plants, and pome and stone fruits. Stirred and bottled with care and dedication, the honey 2021 is a very special specialty: your year for and with bees in a jar.

Isn't it nice to be socially engaged in animal well being and then get something back in gratitude?

September 2021 – Together we can bee more

September 2021 – Together we can bee more

This year, we were also able to do even more for biodiversity ourselves, not only for our Shimadzu bees. As part of our Social Days this year, we supported the Duisburg project "Duisburg hums". A perfect complement to our bee sponsorship. More than 30 colleagues from Shimadzu Germany and Shimadzu Europe planted four flower beds with perennial shrubs on the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Promenade in Kant Park, so that in the spring of 2022 there will be a correspondingly large number of flowers as a food source for early-flying insects, such as wild bees. Under the expert guidance of the "Duisburg hums" project team and Kant's garden, 2,000 perennials were planted. During the preparations, we were also supported by the environmental office of the city of Duisburg.

March 2021 - We love bees

March 2021 - We love bees

In 2021, we will continue to stand up for the environment and nature conservation. Everyone is talking about insect mortality. We act! 

By participating in the beeswe.love project, we will take on the sponsorship of a bee colony for another year, as well as 100 square meters of bee pasture, a natural meadow that is a habitat for a variety of animals, insects and plants. For a whole year we will accompany our own bees, care for them, understand them more and more and learn a lot about the protective and fragile cycles of nature.

Our bee colony in 2020

November 2020 - We look back on a great honey year

November 2020 - We look back on a great honey year

After the slinging of the summer honey, our beekeeper team could even in this late year still sporadically harvest forest honey, which has a special spiciness and intense taste is a very special pleasure. 

We have accompanied our bees, we have observed their behavior and we are amazed at the complexity of bee life. We studied life on the bee pasture and were happy about so much living diversity! After this bee year a glass of honey has a completely new meaning than before.

October 2020 – Our girls "pack up".

Autumn greetings from our bees!
The days are getting shorter, colder and definitely more wet - it is autumn! 

From the old wives' summer we have now directly entered a persistent mucky weather and that means for beekeeper and bee - "pack up".

September 2020 – A real honey feast! Second, fat harvest from the Shimadzu bees!

September 2020 – A real honey feast! Second, fat harvest from the Shimadzu bees!

After a first, already very abundant harvest of spring honey at the end of May, there was another good second! A wonderful summer honey has been harvested and hurled! A big compliment to our beekeeping team and even bigger praise to the hard-working Shimadzu bees, who can now create their supplies for the coming winter without being disturbed.

April 2020 – A truly memorable spring! For humans and bees

April 2020 – A truly memorable spring! For humans and bees

While nothing is the same for us humans this spring, it's “business as usual” for the bees.

Compared to last year, 2020 for bees  is running fantastically. Thanks to perfect weather with summer-like temperatures, the table is richly filled for our bees – short-time work with bee  collecting mania? Impossible! Our beekeepers already predict a record honey harvest. This is rare good news for us in these challenging times with social isolation and standstill of public life and Business.

Observing nature and our bees is also a chance for us to calm down, enjoy the magic of spring, and thus perceive fresh hope.


More Projects

Project week "Labor Pipette"

Chemical experiments at a children's elementary school in Duisburg

Labor Pipette

"What is chemistry and what does the chemist do?" To answer these questions, the Hebbelstrasse elementary school in Duisburg started a "Labor Pipette" project week for children of all grades.

The project enables the children to research like a real chemist in an established chemistry laboratory. Shimadzu likes the great idea of this chemistry project and supported it with a donation. It's always a good time to inspire young people to do something new.

Several experiments were carried out in the pipette chemical laboratory, e.g. watching to the color gradient on filter paper that has been soaked with water or the production of a cream / emulsion. The highlight attempt in the eyes of the elementary school children was a balloon that apparently inflated by itself. The little researchers poured baking soda and citric acid into a small bottle and mixed the two. Water was added to the powder. A balloon was quickly put over the neck of the bottle - and - lo and behold - the balloon inflated and straightened up. A gas has been created which is responsible for the foaming. The invisible carbon dioxide inflated the balloon.

Mysterious, colorful and exciting chemical reactions amazed the children. We are proud that our support made this possible and look forward to further exciting projects.

Summer School in Duisburg

Small explorers in Shimadzu Laboratory

Shimadzu Summer School

It is as quiet as a mouse in Shimadzu´s materials testing laboratory where 26 elementary school students of the Albert Schweitzer elementary school are eagerly holding their breath. Finally a faint click occurs, then a deep breath and surprised faces. This is what it sounds like when the testing machine breaks through a chocolate bar. The experiment is part of Shimadzu’s Summer School to which the company has, for the first time, invited 4th grade students of an elementary school in Duisburg. Here, the children can playfully learn how analytics and related technologies play a role in daily life – without anyone being aware.

As an example, the chocolate bar: product specialist Mirnes Hasanbasic demonstrates in a test how much force teeth and jaws must exert to bite through a bar of chocolate. And the difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate plays a role; the darker the chocolate, the harder the chocolate bar. This is how product manufacturers ensure that biting into your favorite chocolate bar or into an ice cream bar always imparts the same feel – and sound. Even uniform popping sounds are important. The boys were interested not only in food testing but especially in the harder materials: “What kind of objects or materials can Shimadzu’s instruments destroy? Also trucks, airplanes or even titanium?” These are also possible, but of course everything must first be disassembled into testable individual parts. Hearing this, their eyes light up.

Our Commitments