6000+ stable isotope labeled in our catalog

Alsachim offers custom synthesis of stable isotopically labelled molecules including:

  • Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Peptides
  • Biologically active molecules
  • Controlled drug standards (DEA)
  • Metabolites
  • Isotopically-labelled reference standards
  • Pesticides

Press Cuttings

Shimadzu has acquired Alsachim, a specialist for high-quality analytical isotope labeled standards

Alsachim Catalogue

Alsachim products catalog contains close to 6.000 stable isotope labeled, drugs & metabolites, PET Precursors, Pesticides & Herbicides,...


Your best partner for stable isotopes

Alsachim offers:

  • 13C, 15N, 2H stable isotope labeled
  • 24/48h delivery for products in stock
  • No unlabeled material detected
  • Reanalysis and re certification of products
  • Complete certificate of analysis
  • the best “Gold standard” using 13C labelling

Quality service for our customers

All our compounds are delivered with a complete certificate of analysis, including full spectroscopic analysis, storage conditions, expiration and reanalysis date, chemical purity by NMR and HPLC-MS, and mass isotopic purity.

Our reference standards are now delivered in exact certified pre-weighted vials from 1 mg to 100 mg.

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