Anakon 2017

03.04.2017 – 06.04.2017
Universität Tübingen

We are looking forward to welcome you to our booth at Anakon 2017 where scientists from all areas of expertise meet for knowledge exchange in analytical chemistry and related fields. Our Product Specialists will be there to inform you about our latest developments as well as to discuss well established techniques.
Also, please join us for a tasting of local spirits at the welcome reception for some sensory evaluation.

Oral Presentation

Wednesday, 5. April, 14:30h
Session 11: Bioanalytik, Hörsaal N3

"Analytische Charakterisierung von Destillaten aus Streuobstprodukten"

Erich Leitner, TU Graz

Thursday, 6. April, 10:10h
Session 15: Pharmazeutische und klinische Analytik, Hörsaal N5

"Molecular and elemental bioimaging for the investigation of brain tumors resected by fluorescence-guided surgery"

Sabrina Kröger, Universität Münster

Monday, 3. April, 18:20h
Session 2: Element-/Speziesanalytik, Hörsaal N5

"Imaging of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles and their Effects in Rat Lung Tissue"

D. Dietrich, A. Vennemann, M. Wiemann, M. Sperling, U. Karst, Münster/DE


Tuesday, 4. April and Wednesday, 5. April
14:50 to 16:50h

MS15:  Extraction and quantification of mycotoxins in peanut butter using SFE–SFC–MS

Gesa J. Schad, Tairo Ogura, Kenichiro Tanaka

MS16:  Fast analysis of natural and artificial vanilla flavorings Computer assisted development of a robust, fast and sensitive UHPLC method

Philipp Jochems

MS23:  Advantages of SFC-MS compared to LC-MS in the analysis of small molecules

Sigrid Baumgarten

Trenn10:  Fast and simple screening of mycotoxin contamination in beer

Carola Schultz, Philipp Jochems, Robert Ludwig, Gesa J. Schad

Trenn15: The Effect of Different PTV-Injector Inserts on Pesticide Analysis: Compound Discrimination and Reproducibility

Rebecca Kelting

Bio11: A method for verification of genome editing using an automated electrophoresis platform, MCE-202 MultiNA

Julia Sander

LMP03:  How pure is pure? Determination of Contaminants in Beer

Uwe Oppermann, , Anja Grüning, Jan Knoop, Jürgen Schram

Product Lineup

In only 14 minutes, this mycotoxin screening system is able to detect the presence of 10 mycotoxins with LOQs matching EU regulations. The system does not require sample derivatization, for highly efficient sample measurement. It offers the high performance and user friendly handling of the established i-series compact LC system with additional features to help the unexperienced user.

Sensitivity - Simplicity - Efficiency go hand in hand through a range of unique hardware and software features. Shimadzu’s ICPMS-2030 was designed to meet the requirements of the ICH Q3D guidelines for elemental impurities as well as full FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Ultra-high sensitivity, automated method development and data evaluation function provide analytical results with exceptionally high reliability.

MultiNA simplifies gel electrophoresis for DNA and RNA analysis. The parallel processing of up to four reusable microchips permits a fully automated procedure. Due to the high-speed analysis, high separation performance, reproducibility and the ease-of-use a wide range of applications can be covered.

The GCMS-TQ8050 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer features a new high-sensitivity detector and three noise reduction technologies, a perfect fit for ultra-trace analysis. The contamination-resistant ion source and the five times longer service life of the new detector ensure robust, long-term analysis at femtogram-level. In addition, the Smart MRM technology and the Labsolution Insight software support reliable operation from method creation to data analysis.


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