The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award

Shimadzu awarded twice in Innovation Awards


Shimadzu systems have been awarded twice during the The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2013 (TASIA 2013):

  • the BID (Barrier Ionization Discharge) detector as a novel GC detector for trace analysis
  • the LCMS-8050 featuring the world’s fastest data acquisition rates as well as high sensitivity and data quality for trace-level quantitation.


The products recognized in the TASIA enhance preparation, separation, identification and quantitation, while endeavoring to push the boundaries. Both Shimadzu systems are among the top 2013 innovations in analytical instrumentation. A third solution recognized by TASIA applies Shimadzu´s 3D preparative GC system as presented by the University of Messina, Italy.

“We are proud to have been awarded in the Innovation Awards with two of our products”, said  Yasunori Yamamoto, President and Managing Director of Shimadzu Europa. “This welcome recognition encourages us to continue supporting our customers with innovative instruments while following the roadmap of delivering fundamental research solutions.”

The continuous commitment to innovation and high-quality technologies has, from the early days, been the key to European customers – and this is still the case today. Shimadzu reinvests 6% of its revenues in research and development. Innovation goes hand in hand with comprehensive service packages and holistic applications, as reflected by Shimadzu’s consulting and application solutions.


#4        GC Detector "BID Detector" (p. 27)

#7        Triple Quadrupole "LCMS-8050" (p. 26) 

#13      3D preparative multidimensional (MD)-GC System, developed by University of Messina, Italy, collaborator  
             of Shimadzu; based on a Shimadzu MD-GC instrument  (p. 23) 


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