The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award 2014


Shimadzu awarded twice in Innovation Awards


"Accurate measurement drives progress in science in immeasurable ways. On December 23, the 2014 TASIAs were published, celebrating a year’s worth of innovation."


We are very happy and proud that Shimadzu systems have been awarded twice during the The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2014 (TASIA 2014) with the:

  • Winner: iMScope TRIO 
    revolutionary new technology with combination of an Imaging mass spectrometrophotometer with an optical microscope 
  • #7: Nexera-e 
    the comprehensive 2D-LC methodology is a paradigm shift in liquid chromatography separation analysis. By combining two independent separation modes orthogonally in combination with a dual-loop/dual-valve alternate switching design



Congratulations: Stephane Moreau presents TASIA Award issue to iMScope TRIO developer Koretsugu Ogata 




The iMScope TRIO - Imaging mass spectrometry combined with optical microscopy




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Nexera-e - Exponential liquid chromatography




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"Rich Whitworth (Editor of The Analytical Scientist) said, “Our first TASIAs in 2013 set a worryingly high benchmark for all subsequent awards. I am delighted to report that the 2014 TASIAs easily hit that benchmark and feature 15 truly innovative advances, many of which we expect to have game-changing implications in analytical science. Clearly, the TASIAs shine a light on the 15 winners, but we also hope that they demonstrate the innovation-rich nature of our field.”"


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The full TASIAs article can be found online, here: Download pdf (page 26, 30)

The 2014 TASIAs are also available in The Analytical Scientist print magazine, the iPad app, and in the downloadable PDF of the December issue.