Application Examples in Specific Fields

Electrical and electronic

This is an analysis example of foreign matter attached to the terminal of the electronic parts. By using a wide view camera, observing the entire part of the parts and deciding where to measure can be smoothly done. When a good spectrum is difficult to be provided by the reflection measurement such as thin stain or small alien substances, ATR spectroscopy (Ge prism) is effective.

Machinery and Transportation

This is a example of resin parts exposed to sunlight for long period. By measuring the infrared spectrum of the component cross section, the progress degree of the degradation about depth direction from the surface can be visualized.

Pharmaceutical and Life

This is an analysis example of foreign substances adhering to the surface of a pharmaceutical tablet. By being taken to a diamond cell and rolled, transmission measurement can be performed to various shaped samples.


This is the polarizing analysis of a film. By using the infrared polarizer, polarization property and orientation of the film can be evaluated.

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