Application: Industrial Equipment Fields

Application: Industrial Equipment Fields

  • Observation of the machining process in welding equipment and machining equipment
  • Operation error analysis of manufacturing equipment

High-speed cameras are used to observe and measure high-speed phenomena. These include the behavior of plasma in etching systems, sputtering systems and other plasma equipment, and machining processes in laser machining systems, electrical discharge machines, and cutting machines.

Laser Ablation Film Forming Apparatus

If the laser pulse is irradiated to a target substance, a substance surface stripped (ablation), particles with a lightemitting called plume will pop out. The laser ablation film forming apparatus utilizes this phenomenon, a substrate to be formed a film is arranged opposite to the target substance, and a film by depositing the particles generated by abrasion on the substrate. The image is obtained by observing the generation and disappearance process of the plume with the laser pulses emitted horizontally from the left. Provided by the Tanabe Laboratory at Kyoto University Recording speed: 10 million frames/second Width of field of view: Approx. 50 mm

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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