CLAM-2000 – Insights from cutting-edge Scientists & Researchers

Benefits of CLAM-2000 in private testing laboraties

Labor Wisplinghoff, Cologne, Germany

Dr. RER. NAT Lars Kröner
Dipl. Chemist
Department toxicology


CLAM-2000, a game changer for university hospitals

University Hospital, Göttingen, Germany

Dr. Frank Streit
Head of Clinical Research


How CLAM-2000 can revolutionize Toxicology analysis workflow

University Hospital, Limoges, France

Prof. Franck Saint-Marcoux
Full Profressor of Toxicology
University of Limoges


Architype of CLAM-2000: testing and validation in a clinical laboratory eviroment

DESIO hospital, Milan, Italy

Prof. Paolo Brambilla
Head Chief Clinical Chemistry Laboratory


Application Notes


Fully Automated Online Sample Preparation AND Quantification of Amiodarone from Whole Blood using CLAM-LC-MS/MS (PDF, 0,7MB)

Fully automated sensitive determination of immunosuppressant drugs in whole blood, using high quality internal standardization (PDF, 0,4MB)

Therapeutic drug monitoring of Antiepileptic drugs in serum: a fully automated approach (PDF, 1,8MB)

Fully automated platform for determination of Benzodiazepines in serum (PDF, 0,9MB)

Fully automated platform for determination of Tricyclic Antidepressant in serum (PDF, 0,8MB)

Quantitation of plasma metanephrine and normetanephrine by derivatization using an integrated LC-MS/MS analyzer equipped with fully-automated sample preparation device (PDF, 0,4MB)