CLAM-2000/2030 Vials

The Shimadzu CLAM-system is a fully automated sample preparation module for LCMS. The CLAM-system features special vials with septum for handling internal standard solutions. The use of vials with septum prevents internal standards from evaporating. By using the micro „cup-on“ tubes the dead volumes of calibrator solutions and QC sample are improved and the running costs are reduced.

Kits, Glass Vials with Screw Neck

P/N 228-16965-91 241-16619-43 038-00199-06 223-81340-41
Volumen [ml] 1.5 6.0 12.0 12.0
Specification with dedicated slit septum for internal standard with dedicated slit septum for internal standard vial with dedicated cap for detergent or dilution with dedicated septum and cap for methanol or acetonitrile
Material, color glass, clear glass, clear glass, clear glass, clear
Neck screw neck screw neck screw neck screw neck
Bottom flat flat flat flat
Dimension [mm] 11.6 x 32.0 18.0 x 40.0 24.0 x 50.0 24.0 x 50.0
For CLAM 2030 2030 2000/2030 2030
Content [pcs.] 100 50 1 1

Caps and Septum 

How to assamble vial, cap and septum:
P/N 241-18511-41 038-00199-33 038-00199-34
For vial 228-16965-91 241-16619-43 223-81340-41
set includes
100 caps,
100 slit septum,
200 filter papers
1 pc 1 pc
P/N 241-18512-41 223-81468-02
For vial 241-16619-43 223-81340-41
Content set includes 50 slit septum and 50 filter papers 1 pc

Filtration and Collection Set


Filteration and collection vial are sold as a set: Pore size of filter = 0.45 µm

Filtration vial    Collection vial
P/N 241-16593-41 241-16593-42 241-16593-43
Content (set per pack) 100 500 2000

Sample Container


Standard cup and Micro cup cannot be used for samples, calibrators, controls which contains organic solvents. They are made of polystyrene and if an organic solvent is added, the container may crack or contaminants may be eluted and may not be analyzed correctly.

P/N 038-00531-01 241-94045-01
Volumen [ml] 2.0 0.5
Material, color PS, clear PS, clear
Neck straight straight
Bottom conical conical
Dimension [mm] 12 x 38 17 x 38
For CLAM 2000/2030 2000/2030
Content [pcs.] 1000 1000



Sample or calibrators are contained in micro tubes. The micro tube is inserted in test tube = cup-on-tube. The cup-on-tube is placed in dedicated sample rack. This configuration helps to achieve very small dead volume and enables the user to store away precious samples and place a barcode on it.

CLAM "Cup-on-tube" = Test tube + Micro tube
P/N 046-00342-01 038-00051-68
Volumen [ml] 5.0 1.5
Material, color PP, clear PP, clear
Neck straight screw neck
Bottom round conical
Dimension [mm] 75 x 13 44 x 11
For CLAM 2030 2030
Content [pc.] 1 1

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