Composites Europe 2017

Composites Europe 2017
12th European Trade Fair and Forum for Composites,
Technology and Applications
19.09. - 21.09.2017
Messe Stuttgart, Germany


hall 4/ booth C73


Welcome to the 12th European Conference on Composites in Stuttgart and see our unique CFRP test capabilities. We will show you tensile testing of CFRP in combination with our High Speed Camera, HPV-X, and strain distribution measurement with DIC.



Technical Workshop


Composite solutions in the aerospace industry
Tuesday, 19.09.2017
Composites Forum


Instrumented testing solutions for characterization of aerospace application materials: GFR-Epoxy and –Polyurethane

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Huelsbusch, Prof. Frank Walther, Technical University of Dortmund, Department of Materials Test Engineering



Product Lineup


Shimadzu presents solutions for Composite testing in combination with High speed imaging and DIC analysis.
SHIMADZU HPV-X High Speed Camera is used together with DIC software to make 2D and 3D strain distribution analysis with a frame rate of up to 10 000 000 frames per second.

Shimadzu’s AG-10kNX plus series universal testers deliver high-level control, intuitive operation, and convenient support functions. Compatible with a wide range of testing accessories, including grips for tensile testing, plates for compression testing, three- and four-point bending jigs, environmental chambers, extensometers, and many more, the AG-X plus series are the primary choice for demanding testing applications


The EMT Servopulser is a dynamic testing machine that operates exclusively on electric power. Consequently, since it requires no hydraulic oil, it is much cleaner system than conventional hydraulic fatigue testing machine. With closed loop (servo) control, it allows stable loading over a wide range of test forces and displacements (strain) for dynamic or static testing. With many fields seeking strength testing for structural design, material selection, and new material development applications to improve product development efficiency and product reliability , the EMT Series is ideal for endurance and fatigue testing at small test force levels(1kN) and long stroke length (±30mm/±50mm in rubber ,plastics, and other industries.

Electromagnetic Force Fatigue/Endurance Testing System

  • Capable of sine wave cycle testing at speeds up to 2 m/s.
  • Offers stroke lengths up to ±50 mm.
  • Allows ±20 µm displacement amplitude at 200 Hz frequencies.