Conductivity Detector


CDD-10AVP features

Low noise, low drift and wide dynamic range assure proven performance
of the Shimadzu VP series HPLC. Data acquired by the CDD-10AVP is
transferred to the SCL system controller via an optical fiber interface and
are digitally processed by workstation. By adding the optional cell
(dual kit NS), a low-cost and compact non-suppressor type dual ion
chromatograph, which detects anions and cations simultaneously, can
be made.




GLP/GMP compliance

Built-in validation support functions help you comply with GLP/GMP regulations. A record of each module's operation is preserved and can be reviewed on-screen or printed. Calibration/validation of the conductivity cell is also incorporated.
GLP/GMP compliance


LC-VP ion chromatograph system with CDD-10AVP


A highly versatile non-suppressed system


There are no restrictions when choosing mobile phase conditions, no worrying about competing ions or pH. Selection and adjustment of conditions can be made on a sample or analyte basis. The high degree of versatility of this non-suppressed system allows the analysis of various ions without peak broadening outside the column.

High performance demonstrated in every module


Every module of the Shimadzu LC-VP series has been designed toHigh performance demonstrated in every module
exacting standards to provide an optimum HPLC system.
This makes high sensitivity analysis possible even with a
non-suppressed system. As little as 1 ppb of F-can be analyzed
without any preconcentration procedures.



Specifications CDD-10AVP (Cat. No. 228-41300-xx)


Specifications CDD-10AVP (Cat. No. 228-41300-xx)

Ion Chromatograph Dual Flow Analysis System


This system permits the analysis of both cations and anionsfrom a single sample vial, efficiently measuring the ion balance. With Shimadzu's unique high performance column, the Shim-pack IC-A3, and large volume sample injection, the quantitation of F- at levels of less than 1 ppb is possible. The simultaneous quantitation of monovalent and divalent cations at ppb levels is also possible with Shim-pack IC-C3 columns. The non-suppressed system provides a linear calibration curve even at low concentrations, as well as extremely good reproducibility of quantitation results.
Ion Chromatograph Dual Flow Analysis System

Organic Acid Analysis System


Shimadzu's unique post-column pH-buffered electroconductivity method (Japanese Patent No. 2017498) is ideal for the selective and highly sensitive detection of organic acids. Compared to conventional methods, such as the UV short wavelength method or a simple conductivity method, this system improves quantitation reliability. Compared to the post-column VIS absorption detection methods using pH indicators, this system has higher sensitivity, better linearity, and is easier to use. Complex samples (which usually require troublesome pretreatment) can be analyzed after simple pretreatment techniques such as dilution and filtration.
Organic Acid Analysis System

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