The new GCMS NX series

Improve smart solutions with expanding Laboratory possibilities

Improved operation efficiency

  • Active Time Management
  • High accuracy and sensitivity
  • Intuitive colorful display
  • Seamless Ionization mode Switching


  • Lightening System Ovenlight
  • ClickTek Inlet

Application Handbook

GC-MS/MS Handbook for the Analysis of Dioxins in Foods (C146-E375)

Application Datasheet

Analysis of VOC and SVOC Emissions from Automotive Interior Materials in Accordance with VDA278

World Class Precision

Smart solutions expanding the possibilities of the laboratory to their full

  • Ion Source featuring high sensitivity and long-term stability
  • New Flow controller that achieves exceptional one touch Inlet Maintenance
  • Intelligent flow controller with exceptional reproducibility
  • Advanced Scanning Speed Protocol (ASSP™)
  • Reduced operation costs using alternative Carrier Gases

Reliable Operation

  • Optimize MRM Transitions Automatically
  • Multianalyte Data Analysis with more Efficiency using LabSolutions insight
  • Smart Database Series supporting accurate quantitative Determinations in MRM Analysis
  • Visualization of quantitative and accuracy Control Results
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