Database of Expert Information for Odor Analysis

Information Registered in Database

All Odor-Causing Substances Identified from Previous Problems Are Registered.

The database includes information registered about all odor-causing substances identified from previous problems. Therefore, even if you don't know what types of compounds can cause odors, this database allows you to start analyzing them immediately.

Accurate Identification and Easy Quantitation Are Possible Even Without Standard Samples.

Retention indices for each odor component are registered in the database. The AART function can be used to accurately identify components registered in the database by calculating their retention time using retention indices for substances with a wide range of boiling points. In addition, concentrations can be quantified easily based on the calibration curve information registered in the database.

Substances Causing Odors Can Be Identified Based on Odor Characteristics and Odor Threshold Values.

Sensory information about odor components (characteristics and threshold values) is registered in the database. Therefore, by comparing the concentration of components identified in chromatograms with the threshold values, the substances causing odors can be identified. Furthermore, odor components can also be identified by actually smelling them using a sniffer unit.

Comparison of Concentration to Odor Threshold Values

Odor components with concentrations higher than the corresponding threshold value can be identified as candidates for causing given odors.

The concentration values calculated by the GC-MS off-flavor analyzer are estimates. If accurate concentration values are required, be sure to perform quantitative analysis using a method that involves creating a calibration curve.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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