LCMS-9030: A Q-TOF of Shimadzu’s engineering DNA!

Ultra-fast acquisition rates and core ion beam technologies

  • Ultra-fast (UF) acquisition rates and core ion beam technologies developed for the triple quadrupole platform has opened-up new possibilities in quantitative mass spectrometry.
  • The new LCMS-9030 Q-TOF builds on this proven platform by rethinking time-of-flight detection.
  • In the LCMS-9030, core ion beam technologies transition towards a unique approach in ion gating using UFaccumulation to create a precise pulse of ions into the flight tube.

Mass Appeal

Based on our deep understanding of researchers' needs, Shimadzu has engineered the LCMS-9030 with the functionality most important for success.

Mass accuracy White Paper

On the Accurate Understanding of Mass Measurement Accuracy in Q-TOF MS

LCMS-9030 Brochure

Download the LCMS-9030 QTOF brochure.

Effortless performance

Transforms high mass accuracy workflows bringing together high sensitivity, high speed and high-resolution detection.

  • Class leading sensitivity using core ion beam technologies developed for triple quadrupoles LC-MS/MS systems
  • High speed MS and MS/MS data acquisition rates
  • Highly stable mass accuracy reduces the need for mass calibration routines and simpiflies routine workflows.

Key QTOF technologies

Primary drivers for high sensitivity are the core ion beam technologies developed for TQ systems. However, the key challenge in QTOF designs is to transform an ion beam into a precise pulse to maximize sensitivity and mass resolution.  

  • UFaccumulation™ | UFaccumulation™ brings together a new way of engineering innovation with a high mechanical strength gating system designed for high acceleration voltages and high capacity ion pulses.
  • iRefTOFTM | A computationally ideal electrostatic field which delivers the highest possible resolution for the time of flight path.
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