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Composites became a topic of interest, as it has been widely
adopted at a latest aircraft, and also in the automotive its
application increased due to e.g. lightweight potential and high specific strength. Also, Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing has entered production to a much greater extent and is
established in various transportation, manufacturing and healthcare industries. Now transportation industry is in the forefront of Composites and AM research. But how to fulfil the obliged safety goals and highest quality standards for its products?


As leading manufacturer in analytical instrumentation and material testing, Shimadzu provides the whole range of scientific equipment, measurement techniques and testing facilities: from controlling raw material, particle powders size and shape, to complex testing reliable material characteristics of finished components. Shimadzu secures to bring new ideas and concepts into life.


Very high cycle fatigue properties and high-speed impact mechanisms

TU Dortmund University, Department of Materials Test Engineering, Germany

"Shimadzu is an innovative company for academia and industries – and open for developments to fulfil future demands."


Project 1


Very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) of advanced metallic and non-metallic material systems

New developments in testing machines enabled to go beyond the previously known limits of knowledge. This opens the door towards more intensive testing in the most realistic conditions. The new capabilities in testing machines shall provide researchers with powerful tools to further investigate the effect of processing parameters on the resulting functional performance in a wide range, in this case in the range of very high cycle fatigue (VHCF).


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Project 2


Development of a holistic approach for deformation and damage behavior measurements in high-speed (strain rate) tests

Crash loads with high strain rates can often be found in automotive and aerospace industries,so that a material characterization on dynamic basis is required to guarantee safety properties of highly loaded components. Without this knowledge, components cannot be designed reliably on the basis of conventional characteristic values, e.g. from tensile tests. The application of high-speed cameras, e.g. HPV-X2, enables Understanding deformation and damage processes.


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