Euroanalysis 2017

XIX Euroanalysis 2017
Europe's Analytical Chemistry Meeting
28.08. - 01.09.2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Aula Magna at Stockholm University



On Euroanalysis 2017 we would like to celebrate with you Shimadzu GC 60 year anniversary and the launch of our new Nexis GC-2030 as a next milestone in a long tradition of GC development.
Please visit us on our both and see the newest technological advances in gas chromatography. Our product specialists are looking forward to show how smart features can make even sophisticated analytical task very simple. See you in Stockholm!




Product Launch

Nexis GC-2030

The Nexis GC-2030 stands for ‘Next Industry Standard’. Meeting this demand requires a clear view on present day GC requirements like solutions for separation of complex samples, highest precision and reliability supported by automated diagnostic routines as well as an intuitive user interface that assists the operator even with challenging chromatographic tasks.

Smart devices as new color touchscreen display offers fast and intuitive access to the Nexis GC-2030. The exchange of consumables does not require any tools including column exchange by using the unique Click Tek technique. Furthermore, an optional oven light supports any maintenance inside the GC oven.

Advanced flow technology provides access to sophisticated chromatographic techniques. Integrated modules as multidimensional chromatography improves chromatographic separation or enhance sample throughput (e.g.  backflush, detector splitting or switching). By free adjustment of sampling frequency and filter time constant Nexis GC-2030 allows fine tuning of all detectors for fastest response, highest sensitivity and best reproducibility.



Vendor Seminar

Wednesday, 30. August
13:15 - 14:15 h



Redefining the Chromatography Experience

Nexis GC-2030 - The next industry standard

Franz Kramp, Shimadzu Europa gmbH, Germany



i-simplify - Method development made easy

Philipp Jochems, Shimadzu Europa gmbH, Germany



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Product Lineup

Within the anniversary of 60 years in GC development Shimadzu is proud to present the new Nexis GC-2030 as a new mile step in GC innovation. Defining “The next industry standard” GC-2030 provides smart features to make GC analysis simple. Ultra-fast responding pneumatics and detectors provides world-class precision in combination with world best sensitivity.


In combination with Nexis GC-2030 the AOC-20i, injector sets new benchmarks concerning precision in GC analysis. Flexible in rack design the sampler offers solutions for small sample amount up to high sample throughput with up to 150 samples.


The award winning i-Series (U)HPLC system comes in many variations. High speed analysis, simplified method transfer, minimized environmental impact, surpassing robustness and easy maintenance are just a few of the many standard features of this product range.

The i-series food analyzer packages and the i-series method scouting system are the latest addition to the i-series familiy of compact (U)HPLC systems.

The new Mycotoxin Screening System and Synthetic Antimicrobial Screening System care for consumer protection and product safety: They support fast, high-sensitivity examinations for controlled components in food products according to EU standards.

The new i-Series Method Scouting System provides a simple solution for efficient HPLC method development. With its 6-column switching valve and the dedicated method scouting solution software, it offers fast and simple screening of up to 100 combinations of mobile phases, columns and gradient profiles, to find optimum separation conditions for just about any sample.


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