EuroLab 2015

Warsaw, Poland

17th International Trade Fair of Analytical, Measurement and Control Technology 

Grand Prix for Shimadzu┬┤s new Imaging Mass Microscope iMScope TRIO

We are very proud Shimadzu┬┤s iMScope TRIO was awarded with two prizes during EuroLab 2015 in Warsaw, Poland


  1. GRAND PRIX of the President of the Polish Academy of Science for IMScope TRIO
  1. The best offer of laboratory equipment at Eurolab 2015


The competition promotes innovative products and services for medical and laboratory markets. It supports the development and competitiveness of the industry to build a laboratory in Poland by rewarding outstanding products technological innovations, aesthetic and economic, functionality, and also meet the technical requirements and quality of scientific objects.

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Shimadzu @ EuroLab 2015 with Award Winner iMScope TRIO




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