Excellent Expandability Enables a Variety of Analyses

Hedging Risks with the Retrapping (Restore) Function

With the retrapping (restore) function, split samples desorbed from the tube and loaded into the GC-MS are once again trapped by the tube. Even if a problem occurs, the sample can be measured again, so that even precious trace samples can be analyzed with a sense of ease. In addition, with the TD-30R, the tube is cooled rapidly after desorption, so even low boiling point components can be restored.

Highly Accurate Quantitative Analysis Using a Function That Automatically Adds an Internal Standard Substance

The TD-30R can automatically add a gaseous internal standard substance to the sample tube.
Highly reliable quantitative results can be obtained, even for the analysis of trace components.

Highly Reliable Sample Management Using a Barcode Reader Function

The TD-30R can be optionally equipped with a barcode reader function. The barcode printed on the tube can be automatically read, and the tube and sample information recorded by the software.
Furthermore, the conditions when the tube was analyzed can be easily checked.

Supports Sample Tubes from Various Manufacturers

The TD-30 series supports sample tubes (size: 1/4" × 3.5") from various manufacturers. The user can select the optimal tube to suit the application.In addition, TD tubes that the customer already has can be used.

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