GAS 2017

13.06.2017 - 15.06.2017
World Trade Center Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands


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For the 9th time Gas Analysis Symposium & Exhibition (GAS 2017) will take part in Rotterdam . This unique gas analysis event on calibration gases, equipment and optimization of industrial processes combines science, standardization and practical analytical techniques, attracting hundreds of experts from over thirty countries all over the world.



Oral Presentation


Thursday, 15th of June,  13:45h
Lecture B18

Sesion B: Health, safety and the environment
World Trade Center Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands

„Trace measurement of aldehydes without derivatization”

Dr. Franz Kramp, Shimadzu Europa GmbH

Aldehydes and especially their smallest representative formaldehyde are of great importance in chemical industry. Until now, measurement of these compounds via headspace gas chromatography (HS-GC) required prior derivatization. For example, transformation into oximes via PFBHA was carried out in order to improve the stability and detector response for these analytes.

The novel barrier ionization discharge (BID) detector uses helium plasma ionization. It combines high sensitivity and stability with universal detection capabilities. This new detection option makes preliminary derivatization of aldehydes obsolete and permits their direct measurement via HS-GC. Herein we demonstrate how our HS-20 headspace sampler and the Tracera high-sensitivity GC-BID can be used to measure lower aldehydes from various matrices via HS-GC without prior derivatization.



Product Lineup


Within the anniversary of 60 years in GC development Shimadzu is proud to present the new Nexis GC-2030 as a new mile step in GC innovation. Defining “The next industry standard” GC-2030 provides smart features to make GC analysis simple. Ultra-fast responding pneumatics and detectors provides world-class precision in combination with world best sensitivity.


  • New valve option box

For gas analysis, the new valve box can accommodate up to 8 Valco valves. Instead of valve, a column can be installed in any compartment and operated as isothermal heated pre-column. The new valve option box is mounted on top of the Nexis GC-2030 thus does not need additional bench space


The HS-20 Series is the optimal solution for volatile component analysis.

Its superior performance and user-friendly design support all types of analyses, from research to quality control. The HS-20 Series achieves high reproducibility through both high-accuracy flow rate control via the pneumatic flow controller (Advanced Flow Control: AFC™system) and a mechanism that allows sample vial to enter the oven from the bottom.

Consequently, this system minimizes heat loss, and maintains high thermal stability during overlap analyses.