GC Columns

Our GC Columns and Consumables are designed to complement your Shimadzu GC System. Shimadzu understands your chromatography analysis does not end with the selection of the GC column - the combination of components selected for your instrument make an important contribution to successful chromatography. Shimadzu GC Consumables are designed to provide you with the best separation possible.

Product Lineup

High-Performance Columns

Series of high-quality capillary columns providing highest inertness and excellent performance

General-Purpose Columns

Highly robust columns for multiple analyses and reliable results

Dedicated Columns

Selection of specific GC columns for dedicated applications and analytes

PLOT Columns

Porous Layer Open Tubular (PLOT) GC columns for efficient analysis of volatile compounds

Metal Columns

Stainless-steel columns for high temperature applications

Guard Columns

The perfect protection for your GC column to increase lifetime and save costs

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