GC Accessories

Product Lineup


Broad selection of syringes for different autosamplers, injection techniques and applications

Inlet Septa

The type of bleeding that occurs varies with the septum. Find the septa for your needs.

Inlet Liner / Inserts

The GC inlet functions as the interface - it is where the sample is introduced into the GC system and vaporized. Selecting the most suitable liner is important for best analytical results.

Ferrules and Unions

SEPARATION - Connections Ferrules are available in a variety of different materials,...

GC Accessory Kits

Assortment of most common GC / GCMS accessories

Gas Filter

Shimadzu Super-Clean Gas Filter can remove the impurities (hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen) and outlet 99.9999% pure gas.


Arrows and Fibers

MEPS Syringes

SAMPLE PREPARATION –  MEPS is Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent and is a...

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