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The importance of high-performance analytical instruments for monitoring microscopic quantities of compounds related to environmental pollution and human health, and for developing and evaluating new, highly functional materials and chemical products continues to grow. The GCMS-QP2020 has been designed to meet these needs. Featuring enhanced instrument functionality, analysis software, databases, and a sample introduction system, the GCMS-QP2020 will help maximize the capabilities of your laboratory.  



Provides Higher Sensitivity and Reduces Operational Costs

The vacuum exhaust system, which features a new differential exhaust turbomolecular pump, achieves the highest sensitivity under all GCMS conditions. In addition to helium, it can be operated with confidence using hydrogen or nitrogen as the carrier gas, which helps reduce operational costs. In addition, analysis times can be shortened while retaining high speed and high sensitivity, which contributes to the optimization of laboratory productivity.


Dramatically Improves the Efficiency of Multicomponent Batch Analysis

The GCMS Insight software package dramatically improves the sensitivity and efficiency of multicomponent batch analysis. The Smart SIM method creation program creates methods to improve the sensitivity in multicomponent analysis. Further, LabSolutions Insight dramatically improves the efficiency of the data processing.

Easily Obtains All the Information Required for Qualitative Analysis

In addition to conventionally used mass spectra, qualitative analysis is supported by three types of valuable information: retention indices, molecular weight information from CI, and accurate mass*. Even higher level qualitative analysis can be performed by combining this information with mass spectra.


Configure Optimal Analysis Systems to Meet Your Needs

With a sample injection system that matches the sample form and the concentrations of the components being measured, as well as a 2D chromatography system that makes full use of the high-speed scan capability, you can configure optimal analysis systems to suit a variety of your analytical needs. And since all these analysis systems are supported by Shimadzu you can put your mind at ease when using them.



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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