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The QATR-S is a single-reflection ATR measurement attachment. The prism is made of diamond, so the measurement wavenumber range is up to 400 cm−1 (wide-band). With a liquid sample, simply place a drop on the prism to measure spectra. For other samples, clamp the sample closely against the prism surface before measurement on the sample surface. Large samples (with a large area) can be measured without cutting. The incident angle is 45 degrees. Three prism materials are available: diamond (high-throughput), germanium (Ge) or zinc selenide (ZnSe). The Ge prism is best suited for samples with a high refractive index.

Functionality is included for automatically recognizing attached accessories.


Although powder samples are mixed with KBr, as with the KBr pellet method, the DRS-8000A analyzes the samples in their original state; creating pellets is not necessary. For plastic moldings, emery paper attached to the SiC sampler (P/N 200-66750-01) scrapes off part of the surface, forming a powdered sample that can be analyzed. Easily obtain diffuse reflectance spectra similar to transmittance spectra using the built-in Kubelka-Munk conversion in LabSolutions IR software. Functionality is included for automatically recognizing attached accessories.


This is a compact, inexpensive hand-driven press used to produce 4 mm dia KBr pellets. A pellet produced in the frame is directly measured using the dedicated holder, which ensures exceptional simplicity of operation. No dies or vacuum pump are required.


This foldable holder consists of an adhesive layer with samples attached and polypropylene film designed for X-ray fluorescence analysis. It provides measurement by keeping the samples in the holder with EDX and FTIR. When using EDX for measurement, close the holder and place the polypropylene film directly to the irradiation side (downside). When using FTIR for measurement, open the holder and press the samples attached to the adhesive layer against the ATR prism. Close the holder after the measurement and it can be used as a sample stocker.

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