The new i-Series food safety analyzers

Mycotoxin Screening System

Three Features

  • Detects mycotoxins with high sensitivity at criteria concentrations specified by EU standards, which are the strictest standards in the world.
  • Rapid screening detects the 10 components in only 14 minutes.
  • Screening results and reports are available immediately after each analysis is finished.

Press Cuttings

Safer food with two new special HPLC analyzers

Application Handbook food

Release-Version 2

Good Design Award

Outline of Good Design Award winners

Antimicrobial Screening System

Three Features

  • Optimized pretreatment method and two detectors support screening of 24 synthetic antimicrobial compounds.
  • Detects synthetic antimicrobial agents of the standard residual concentration with high sensitivity.
  • Displays screening results immediately after analysis is finished.

World-class sensitivity meets diverse needs

The excellent basic performance of the Prominence series is further enhanced by the RF-20A/RF-20Axs fluorescence detectors, which offer world-class sensitivity, excellent ease of maintenance, and validation support functions.

  • Achieves world-class sensitivity
  • Cell temperature control enhances reproducibility
  • Support for ultra-fast analysis
  • Easy maintenance
  • Specifications

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