Advanced i-Series

Integrated HPLC and UHPLC Systems

  • Analytical Intelligence to ensure data reliability
  • Automation and remote control improve lab efficiency and support a more flexible work environment
  • Graphic user interface for simplified i-series operation


Advanced i-Series – Integrated HPLC System


Simplified method transfer using the Advanced i-Series

Technical Report

i-PeakFinder peak integration algorithm to improve lab efficiency

Technical Report

Analytical Intelligence to support smart workflow automation


Innovative, intelligent, intuitive

Improved efficiency in a more flexible work environment

  • LabSolutions CS allows remote operation and monitoring of all instruments on the analytical network from any location, even from home
  • Real-time mobile phase monitoring to prevent solvent depletion
  • Analytical Condition Transfer and Optimization (ACTO) automatically adjusts gradient start time, for seamless method transfer between instruments

Developed with the customer in mind

Analytical Intelligence functions simplify lab management and enable higher productivity with maximum reliability

Using new and exciting technologies to increase throughput, improve accuracy and protect valuable columns, Shimadzu is delivering what is required for continued success. Not just artificial intelligence - Analytical Intelligence.

The i-Series’ Analytical Intelligence engine supports acquisition of high quality, reproducible data regardless of an operator’s skill level for both routine and demanding applications.

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