Introduction to Function with the Videos

Shimadzu's GCMS-TQ8040 NX: Everything you always wanted to know about SmartMRM, MRM Optimization, the Smart Database Series, and more." 

1. Smart MRM

This describes Smart MRM, which allows you to use the high sensitivity of MRM analysis to analyze more than 400 components in a single run.

2. Smart Database

This describes Smart Database, which allows you to create complicated MRM analytical methods easily.

3. MRM Optimization Tool

This describes the MRM Optimization Tool, which makes it easy to add compound information to Smart Databases.

4. UFsweeper

UFsweeper, technology to help shorten analysis times.


Automatic Adjustment of Retention Time, which allows easy adjustment of retention times.

6. Methodfile

Methods and private method libraries created with the GCMS-QP2010 Series can be read-in as is by the GCMS-TQ8040.

7. Browser

The quantitation browser, enabling the analysis of multiple sets of quantitative data.

8. Report

The report creation function, which makes it easy to create reports.


MS NAVIGATOR, which supports maintenance procedures.

10. Easy sTop

Easy sTop, which significantly reduces maintenance times.

11. Ecology mode

Ecology mode, which reduces running costs.

12. Size Short

The compact GCMS-TQ8040

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