Shimadzu´s lab4you student program

In 2015 Shimadzu has introduced the lab4you students program for all of you, who need free lab space for your research!

We were looking to support young, enthusiastic scientists with an interesting topic of research, by offering instrument time on the entire range of our state-of-the-art (U)HPLC and (U)HPLC/MS/MS equipment. A lot of interesting applications were proposed, from all over Europe and decision making was not an easy task.

That is why the selection committee is happy to announce, that not one, but two promising candidates will get the chance to advance their research by using the equipment in the Shimadzu Laboratory World.

Our successful candidates are:

Carola Schultz a PhD student at the MEET Battery Research Center (University of Muenster) in the competence areas analytic & recycling and aging & safety. Her research aim is the investigation of organic Lithium-ion battery (LiB) electrolytes with HPLC-UV/VIS and HPLC- MS.

Katarzyna Brama a PhD student at the Warsaw University of Technology. Her work comprises metal complex and bioligand studies in tomatoe and garden cress extracts performed by means of hyphenated techniques.

She’ll look at the identification of metal complexes with HILIC ESI MS/MS and new determination methods for phytochelating in natural samples using HPLC with fluorescence detection.

More about lab4you

For all of you who missed the deadline, we are already planning to continue the lab4you program in 2016! 

For any questions, contact us via

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