LC Driver Controlling Agilent´s HPLC

It is now possible to control Agilent's HPLC instruments from the LabSolutions CS analysis data system. Each of the functions offered by LabSolutions CS, such as integrated database management of analysis data and method information and access to analysis data from each client PC, can be used not only with Shimadzu's HPLC, GC, and FTIR instruments, but also with Agilent's HPLC instruments. LabSolutions CS employs the method editing window and analysis monitoring window of Agilent's OpenLAB.
LabSolutions CS offers integrated database management of LC and GC data as well as data from other instruments used in a laboratory, including mass spectrometers, TOC analyzers, and balances, using a server computer database. In addition, allows creation of reports for various types of tests.

  1. The acquisition controller PC controls the analytical instruments. Analysis directions and re-analysis of data can be performed using a client PC.
  2. It is not necessary to install LabSolutions software on the client PC for terminal service.
  3. iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
  4. When using an iPad, the installation of Citrix’s XenApp is required.
  5. Agilent's LC instruments can be controlled. Agilent's GC instruments will be supported in the future.

Simple User Interface

By selecting an Agilent instrument from the LabSolutions launcher window, the Agilent HPLC control window can be displayed. The method editing, analysis batch editing, analysis monitoring, and system configuration windows are designed in the same manner as the OpenLAB operation windows. The acquired data is integrally managed in LabSolutions CS, which provides a reliable network environment that complies with various standards through the LabSolutions security policy.

Compatible Instruments

LabSolutions CS is compatible with the Agilent HPLC 1100/1200/1260/1290 Series.

Compatible Model Numbers

 Model Name  Model No.
 Binary Pump  G1312B, G4220A
 Quaternary Pump  G1311B, G4204A
 High Performance Autosampler  G1367E, G4226A
 Column Compartment SL Plus (oven)  G1316C
 DAD (PDA detector)  G1315C, G4212A
 VWD (UV/Vis detector)  G1314F

Note: The above table lists the main compatible models for the 1260 Series and the 1290 Series.
For other compatible models, contact your local Shimadzu sales office or distributor.

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