Long Optical Path Measurement

Spectrum of Potassium Permanganate

When the concentration of the sample is too low
to be measured using a standard cell with an
optical path length of 10 mm, a cell with a longer
optical path length is used to enable measurement
at the optimum absorption sensitivity. As shown in
the figure, the absorption spectrum of potassium
permanganate becomes clearer when a 100 mm
cell is used instead of a 10 mm cell.

Optical System of Large-Sample Compartment

This holder holds 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, and 100 mm
square cells.

  • For UVmini, UV-1900i/2600i/2700i/3600i Plus series and SolidSpec

* When used on the UVmini series, the sample compartment unit is required. 70 and 100 mm cells cannot be used on the UVmini series

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