MALDI-8030 - Applications


Determination of molecular weight of nucleic acids and internal sequence analysis by In-source decay (ISD)


Polymer analysis



Example of higher mass analysis using immunoglobulin A (IgA)



Food colorants in sweets/candies


 The confectionery industry regulates colorants in sweets/candies prior to approval for release of the product. The MALDI-8030 can detect FD&C and E number small molecule compounds (in this example, Allura red) using a combination of a simple workflow and the class-leading MALDI linear TOF mass accuracy and resolution, indicating it is a suitable analytical solution for screening this type of sample.


Analysis of pigments used in cosmetics/lipsticks


The MALDI-8030 is easily able to determine the presence of pigments suitable for vegan/organic/halal cosmetics (lipstick in example shown). The high quality data produces good similarity between the observed and theoretical isotope distribution. This is useful as further confidence for identification of the pigment.


Genotyping for teaching demonstrations

Analysis of oligonucleotides on the MALDI-8030 is easy making it a good example for teaching laboratory demonstrations and avoiding the chores of time-consuming gels/ethidium bromide detection of oligonucleotides.

The dual-polarity ion source of the MALDI-8030 allows the flexibility to analyze oligonucleotides in negative mode (main spectrum), resulting in a cleaner mass spectrum compared to positive ion mode containing adducts (see inset).

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