MCERTS Accreditation

TOC-4200 is granted MCERTS accreditation

The TOC-4200 online total organic carbon analyser has been granted MCERTS accreditation based upon the performance standards and test procedures set for continuous water monitoring equipment.

MCERTS is the Environment Agency of England & Wales (UK) Monitoring Certification Scheme. It provides the framework for businesses to meet quality requirements. Compliance with MCERTS gives the Environment Agency confidence in the monitoring of emissions to the environment.

MCERTS is quickly becoming an internationally required performance and reliability standard by companies and authorities around the world that want to ensure that they are doing their utmost to protect the environment around them by using equipment with this accreditation. Requirements to gain this certificate include laboratory testing and a 3-month field test under real conditions. The TOC-4200 achieved 100% uptime in the field test highlighting its robustness.

The TOC-4200 is the only online TOC analyser that utilises catalytic combustion oxidation technology, with MCERTS accreditation, available on the market. This technology is a clear advantage for anyone interested in analysing water and effluent that has a high salt content, suspended solids, or particulates, and the most complex of organic compounds.

The certificate (MC160311/00) covers the ranges, 0-100, 0-500, 0-1000 and 0-10,000 mg/L of Total Organic Carbon. Utilising the automatic conversion function of the TOC-4200 to determine COD values.

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