• LCMS-9050

LCMS-9050: Accuracy & Flexibility in mind

The new LCMS-9050 high resolution Q-TOF, which can be upgraded from LCMS-9030, offers increased MS/MS speed and polarity switching with high mass accuracy!

  • Technologies inherited from the Shimadzu LCMS series
  • Stable long-term mass accuracy
  • Effortless tuning (Performance Assistant)
  • Diversity of optional equipment

World-class reliability and fast polarity switching

  • Simpler Accurate Mass Spectrometry
  • Provides High-Speed Polarity Switching even with TOF
  • Accommodates a Variety of Needs (Chromatography configuration, ion sources, …)

Variety of optional devices can be connected

  • DPiMS-QT ion source for quick analysis without pre-treatment
  • SICRIT ion source for LC/GC/Direct analysis
  • MALDI for Mass Spectrometry Imaging
  • SFC chromatography
  • microLC chromatography
  • Optional fragmentation

Option: DPiMS-QT ion source

Quick analysis via Direct Injection

Option: iMScopeQT ion source


Option: LC & SFC

Various chromatography solutions

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Shimadzu offers "Eco-Products Plus" products, which are products that are certified to achieve outstanding environmental performance.

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