Zero Dead Volume             

Single part



Nexlock is a re-usable finger-tight fitting that is easy to use, and provides excellent pressure capacity, and durability. The fitting and tube combination ensures proper sealing to achieve a zero dead volume connection, thus minimizing peak broadening and tailing. It withstands pressures up to 130 MPa without the use of tools.


Nexlock Features


Minimized dispersion


Conventional products

Connection ports vary in depth



Nexlock ensures zero dead volume every time


Nexlock improves peak shape


Reusable up to 100 times

- Tubes can be connected and disconnected 100 times

Compatible with UHPLC

- Working pressures up to 19.000 psi


Product Specifications

Pressure capacity 130 MPa (~19.000 psi)
Fitting Screw: No. 10-32 UNF
Material: SUS316L, can be removed from tube
Wetted materials Tube inner surface: SUS316L

Ordering Information

Desription P/N
Tube Length
Tubing and
fitting set
228-62544-14 200 100  
228-62544-12 300  
228-62544-11 600  
228-62544-13 800  
228-52597-48 with preheat block for CTO-30A
Tube only (for maintenance) 228-62544-64 200  
228-62544-62 300  
228-62544-61 600  
228-62544-63 800  
228-52597-49 with preheat block for CTO-30A
Fitting only (for maintenance) 228-62544-90 - - can be used with all Nexlock tubing
* Used when analysis is performed by installing two columns in parallel 

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