Nexera UC
Analytical SFC System


  • Unique BPR technology ensures accuracy and reproducibility
  • Low volume design for minimized peak dispersion
  • Direct, no-split connection to MS
  • Method scouting system with solvent blending for  automation of method screening
  • Flexible system configuration – LC/SFC switching possible
  • Online SFE sample preparation available
  • Unique GLS technology enables analytical fractionation system
  • Upgradeability of existing systems



Nexera UC supercritical fluid chromatography system


Supercritical Fluid  Chromatography and extraction – Application Handbook

Technical Report

Improving SFC Separation and Efficiency of Method Development

Preparative SFC

Analytical methods can easily be scaled up to semi-preparative SFC applications using the Nexera UC prep



Inspired versatility and reliability 
– the next era of SFC


  • Green technology that offers, faster separation, lower solvent consumption and reduced cost per sample
  • Complementary chromatographic selectivity to standard LC, especially beneficial for the separation of chiral compounds
  • Increased MS sensitivity can be achieved
  • Seamless method development workflow through dedicated, user-friendly software
  • Extensive column lineup for analytical and preparative scale

Supercritical fluid chromatography


  • SFC offers a supplementary chromatographic technique to conventional LC and GC analyses
  • Enables analysis of a wide range of non- to very polar analytes
  • Supercritical CO2 as mobile phase exhibits the solubility of a liquid with the diffusivity of a gas
  • SFC can be faster, more efficient, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other methods
  • Application ranges from chiral screening to pesticide analysis, investigation of biomarkers or determination of polymer additives



A Virtual Lunch and Learn: Join us for a 3 Course Meal with a Tall Glass of Supercritical Fluid

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