Optional Units

Optional Units Enable a Variety of System Configurations

For GC-MS/MS analysis, different system configurations may be required depending on the application and sample-introduction needs. The GCMS-TQ8040 NX offers a wide variety of system configurations and sample-introduction devices to enable an expanded range of applications.

Smart EI/CI Ion Source Easily Switches Between EI and CI Methods

The Smart EI/CI ion source has been developed in order to acquire CI data without switching the ion source, and without losing the sensitivity of EI, which is most commonly used. Even when it is difficult to perform identification with the EI mode using the mass spectral library, molecular weight information can be obtained from CI data, thus helping in the estimation of unknown compounds.

DI-2010 Direct Inlet System

Direct sample injection (DI) is a method in which a sample is injected directly into the ion source without passing through the gas chromatograph (GC). This is an effective method for measuring the mass spectra of synthetic compounds, and can be used easily with a typical GC-MS configuration. By using this in combination with Smart EI/CI ion source, EI and CI mass spectra can easily be collected.

Components that are thermally degradable or difficult to vaporize are not suited to GC analysis. However, their mass spectra can be obtained easily using the DI probe.

Mass Spectrum for Antibiotic Roxithromycin

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