Outstanding Processing Ability and Basic Functionality

Extensive Sample Capacity Capable of Accommodating 120 Samples

The TD-30R has a maximum capacity of 120 samples, which allows processing a large number of samples via consecutive analyses overnight and on weekends. In addition, the sample tray is positioned lower down on the front of the instrument. This makes it easy to access even during analysis, and prevents tube positioning errors.

Efficient Analysis with the Overlap Function and Interrupt Function

With the TD-30 series, the overlap function enables the next sample to be pretreated during GC analysis, which shortens the analysis cycle time. In addition, the interrupt function enables unscheduled samples to be inserted even during consecutive analysis. As a result, a sample can be added after checking the results for a different sample, and an urgent sample analysis request can be accommodated.

High-Sensitivity Analysis of High Boiling Point Components Using a Sample Line with No Cold Points

With the TD-30 series, the entire sample line can be heated, so there are no cold points.
In addition, the sample line, including the transfer line, is designed to be short, which minimizes dead volume, and even highly adsorbent components and high boiling point components can be analyzed with high sensitivity.

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