iMScope QT – Perfect Interaction for Imaging

Key Features

  • High end imaging mass spectrometry – resolution, accuracy and speed
  • Flexible – Combining microscopic analysis, imaging MS and LC-MS in one system
  • Easy – User friendly through whole workflow

Full Solution from Sample Preparation to Data Analysis

  • Reproducible sample preparation based on sublimation by iMLayer for highest spatial resolution
  • Microscopy and imaging MS in one system for highest precision in spatial analysis without manual intervention
  • Simplifying data analysis with IMAGEREVEAL MS for high throughput imaging


Download the iMScope QT brochure


Enzyme Histochemistry using Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Microscopic Mass Spectrometry Imaging Reveals Specific Distributions of Curcumin Species Inside Dried Turmeric

Wide-area, Fast, and High-definition MS Imaging of Mouse Brain Using iMScope QT

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