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Buyers Guide 2014/15
In Wine There is Truth - The Characterisation and Quantitative Analysis of Wine Using Spectroscopic Methods
Reprinted with the kind permission of International Labmate Ltd - first printed in International Labmate Buyers Guide 2014/15 -

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Ultra-Fast Analysis of Alkaloids and Permitted Additives in Dark Chocolate Products
Article by Dr. Gesa Schad, Dr. Brigitte Bollig, Shimadzu Europa GmbH

European Pharmaceutical Review
Vol 19 issue 2 2014

In-Depth Focus: Mass Spectrometry Roundtable (page 34-35)

European Life Science Awards 2014 Shimadzu´s triple quadrupole LCMS-8050 has been awarded as "Most Innovative New Product"
Food Quality News
April 2014
Shimadzu: Flexibility vital to meeting customer demand 
Interview with Dr. Markus Ortlieb
Mit Seltenen Erden gegen Falschgeld
Hochauflösende UV-VIS-NIR-Spektren über diffuse Reflexion von Pulverproben
April 2014
Crude2Pure Purification/Powderization System
Video, Dr. Sascha Giegold, Shimadzu Germany
  "Effectiveness of Metabolomics Research Using GC / Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with High-Sensitivity and High-Speed Scanning"
Isranalytica 2014
Tel Aviv, Israel
"Fast GCMS/MS Analysis of Pesticides (QuEChERS) using Rapid Full Scan/ MRM Switching Modes"
Presentation by Dr. Rebecca Kelting, Shimadzu Europa GmbH