Press Cuttings 2015


Materials Testing
Band 57, issue 11-12 (November 2015) 
High-precision deformation and damage development assessment of composite materials by high-speed camera, high-frequency impulse and digital image correlation techniques
Sebastian Myslicki, Markus Ortlieb, Gerrit Frieling and Prof. Dr. Frank Walther
The Analytical Scientist 
September 2015 
Legalized cannabis is an exploding market that offers exciting opportunities – and challenges – for analytical scientists. Here, we offer an overview of the fast-emerging field of cannabinomics and the analytical methods being employed.
Scott Kuzdzal and William Lipps, pages 24-31
Aerospace Manufacturing, September 2015
Ed Hill  speaks to two leading practitioners involved in testing
the latest material advances used in aerospace.

Separation 02/2015

The Rise of Cannabinomics
U.S. Medical Marijuana Empowers A Cannabis Laboratory Revolution
Scott Kuzdzal, Ph.D., William Lipps, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, USA
Mar 01, 2015
By Mikaël Levi, Stéphane Moreau, Dr. Gesa J. Schad
Taylor & Francis Newsroom 2/2015 Black polymeric food-contact material
"Multi-elemental analysis of relevant elements and macromolecular contaminants in black polymeric food-contact material and it's origin"
G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 1-2/2014

Antimony in Breakfast Tea?
Consequences Going Hand in Hand with Today’s Materials

G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Full Version (p. 5, p. 26)