Reduce Running Costs

Unique Combination Eco Mode/MiniTorch Reduces Running Cost by Dramatically Reducing Gas Consumption

In addition to lower running costs, the environmentallyfriendly minitorch plasma unit, developed by Shimadzu, minimizes the energy (electricity) consumed in producing and maintaining an argon plasma.

Three Factors That Reduce Running Costs


MiniTorch Plasma Unit

One of the highest costs associated with ICP-MS systems is the large quantity of argon gas they consume. However, Shimadzu's proprietary mini-torch plasma system consumes 2/3 the argon gas (11 L/min) as conventional plasma torches. Consequently, one gas cylinder of argon (~7,800 liters) allows for approximately ten hours of continuous operation.


Eco Mode (5 L/min of Plasma)

During standby when Eco mode is active, the plasma gas flow and power are reduced to 5 L/min and 0.5 kW to minimize the required gas and electricity; however, analysis can be started immediately with no loss of productivity.


Low-Purity Argon Compatible

High-purity argon gas required by conventional systems is no longer necessary. Using less expensive argon gas (99.95%) can reduce costs.



This product is certified as Shimadzu's Eco-Products Plus. Reduced argon gas consumption by 33% compared with conventional Shimadzu's products.

Enhanced Maintenance Features

The opening to the plasma stand is wide, allowing easy access to the plasma torch and interface unit. The interface can be easily removed by loosening captive screws by hand.

Designed for High Stability and Low Running Costs

New HighFrequency Power Supply!

Shimadzu is the world's first ICP manufacturer to develop an all-solid-state high-frequency power supply. Due to Shimadzu's extensive experience, this free-running type high-frequency power supply unit offers the highest output stability. *As of February 2016, based on data obtained by Shimadzu


More Compact Vacuum System!

The smaller threestage splitflow turbomolecular pump is especially easy to maintain, maximizing uptime of the instrument.



Secondary Electron Multiplier Tube Detector!

The 9digit dynamic range detector allows for measuring major components and trace components simultaneously with high sensitivity.

Lens System Minimizes Contamination!

Located behind the newly developed collision cell, the focusing lens improves ion transmission efficiency and elimination of light emission from the plasma. * Light emission removal is especially important when combining with Laser Ablation systems.

Newly Developed Collision Cell!

The newly developed collision cell achieves superior sensitivity by providing highly efficient molecular ion removal and high elemental ion transmission using only helium gas.

Newly Designed Interface!

The newly designed interface allows for easy maintainability. All parts can be removed and installed without the need for tools, which helps minimize downtime associated with cleaning and servicing.

Shimadzu's Proprietary Mini-Torch Plasma System

Shimadzu's proprietary mini-torch plasma system consumes two-thirds the argon gas (11 L/min) as conventional plasma torches. Furthermore, during standby when Eco mode is active, the plasma gas flow and power are reduced to 5 L/min and 0.5 kW to minimize the required gas and electricity.

EasytoMaintain Sample Injection System

Cyclone Chamber Cooled by a Peltier Element

The sample injection system features an electronically-cooled cyclone chamber utilizing a highly efficient coaxial nebulizer and unique overflow drain design. This design combines highly efficient aerosol production while reducing carryover to maximize sensitivity and throughput.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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