HIC-ESP Ion Chromatograph

High performance IC with electrodialytic suppressor

  • Highly efficient anion suppression for sensitive conductivity detection
  • Minimized peak dispersion
  • Small footprint



Anion Suppressor Ion ChromatographHIC-ESP


Water analysis compliant with US EPA 300


Determination of anions in seawater

Technical Report

HIC-ESP Ion Chromatograph with the ICDS-40A High-Performance Suppressor



High sensitivity with Shimadzu reliability

Reliable performance over long periods of operation

  • The ICDS-40A electrodialytic membrane suppressor offers stable reduction of electrical conductivity of the eluent, enabling high sensitivity analysis of anions
  • With less dispersion volume it offers improved peak shape and separation from the water dip for accurate measurement of early eluting ions
  • With its compact design the HIC-ESP ion chromatograph takes up just about half the bench space required by other comparable systems

Ion chromatography in water quality analysis

Ion chromatography is a powerful and sensitive tool for analysis of anions and cations in water and waste water

Many countries and regions specify standard values for general inorganic anions such as fluoride, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, and sulfate ions in order to minimize the potential health effects of environmental and drinking water. The ion chromatograph is the instrument of choice for high-sensitivity measurement of ionic contents in solutions and therefore quality analysis of environmental and drinking water or waste water monitoring.


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