Smart Productivity

Smart Productivity

The GC/MS is now a standard system for analysts, and a system can be used for a wide variety of applications. The active time management feature appropriately manages times when the system requires maintenance, or when system changes are being made, or the waiting time for a user when multiple users are waiting to use the system. This ensures more efficient use of the system and greater uptime.

Active-Time Management™ That Accurately Determines Operation Time

Time Management during Instrument Startup/Shutdown

The mass spectrometer has to be operated in a vacuum condition, the startup and stopping of the system takes time depending on the condition. Determining this can be a challenge. Since the amount of time that the system takes when starting up or stopping is displayed in real time, it is easy to accurately determine when maintenance of the ion source or analysis is possible. Moreover, tasks that until now needed to be performed by the user, such as leak checks upon system startup and auto tuning, are now performed automatically.

Time Management during Injection Port Maintenance

The Easy sTop function, used to safely maintain the sample injection port without releasing the vacuum, displays the remaining time (coolingdown time) when the septum or the insert can be replaced in real time. Maintenance time can be minimized by understanding the accurate remaining time.
Furthermore, by using a ClickTek nut on the top of the sample injection port, the port can be opened or closed without tools, by simply using fingers to twist a lever. That enables faster and easier insert replacement than ever before.

Easy sTop Function

ClickTek Nut

Time Management for Continuous Analysis

By displaying the time required for continuous analysis in real time, the time when the current continuous analysis will finish can be accurately confirmed. This increases the instrument operating time (active time) by reducing standby time required during continuous analysis or while switching between different users. In addition, because this function makes it easier to schedule the timing for analysis preparations, such as sample preparation and pretreatment, based on the finish time of the previous analysis, it enables analytical processes to be performed more efficiently, which can help improve work-life balance.

Time display for continuous analysis can be used only in liquid injection using AOC-20i.

Simple Column Replacement Using the Twin Line MS System

By connecting the outlet ends of two different columns to the MS at the same, different application data can be acquired without shutting OFF the MS vacuum.
CID gas control is a method parameter, allowing acquisition of GC-MS and GC-MS/MS data in the same batch.

Easy sTop Function

MRM Analysis of Methamidophos (10 pg/μL) in Extract of Ginger Using QuEChERS

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