Software Improves Laboratory Productivity

LabSolutions Software Fully Integrates LC and GC Functionality

The LabSolutions series is a next‒generation workstation software that integrates GC control, LC control, and additional improvements to functionality, while maintaining back‒compatibility with the previous GCsolution. It offers sophisticated functionality, easy operation, highly extensible report functions, and other customizable features. In addition to inheriting these and other concepts from GCsolution, LabSolutions shares a common operating environment.

Freely Accessible Analytical Networks with LabSolutions CS

LabSolutions CS manages all analytical data on the network server, so that the data can be loaded to any computer connected to the network. In addition to sending analysis instructions, monitoring, and controlling instruments not directly connected to the computer (client computer), LabSolutions CS can also be used to directly control non‒Shimadzu LC or GC units.

LabSolutions Direct* Enables Remote Control and Monitoring

LabSolutions Direct is a new LabSolutions series remote access tool used to remotely control or monitor GC systems via a simple user interface on a commercially‒available smartphone or tablet. Consequently, analyses can be performed while remotely monitoring the status of instruments from locations away from the laboratory. * Optional

Application Systems Tailored to Your Analytical Requirements

Headspace Analysis System

The headspace sampler maintains the sample at a constant temperature and then injects a fixed quantity of the gas phase generated into a GC unit. It is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile components in solid or liquid samples.

Analytical Applications

  • Analysis of residual solvents in pharmaceuticals
  • Analysis of odor components in foods

Pyrolysis System

This system introduces polymer samples into a high‒temperature pyrolysis furnace and then analyzes the gases and decomposition products generated from the sample.

Analytical Applications

  • Characterization of various polymer materials
  • Analysis of gases generated from ceramics or other inorganic materials

Simulated Distillation GC System

This system converts the elution times for straight‒chain hydrocarbons into their corresponding boiling points, and calculates the distribution of boiling points from the elution time of respective components. It is compliant with ASTM, JIS, and various other standards that specifies distillation GC.

Analytical Applications

  • Calculation of distillation characteristics of various petroleum distillates

Refinery Gas Analysis System

Specialized systems can be configured by installing multiple valves and columns in the standard Nexis GC‒2030 installation space. Inorganic gases, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfides, and other components can be analyzed within five and a half minutes. Method development is not required because systems are assembled and tested in advance at the factory, prior to arriving at your lab.

Analytical Applications

  • Analysis of refinery gases emitted during petroleum refining processes

System Configuration (refinery gas analysis system)

Nexis GC‒2030 + Optional valve box + LabSolutions GC

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