Space-Efficient with High Expandability

Even Fits in Small Spaces

There is a growing need for systems that can fit in tight spaces, such as for lining up a row of units used for student experiments or to enable measurements in an environment with many different samples and experimental tools laid out for use in chemical synthesis. For sites with only a narrow space available, samples can also be measured with the unit positioned vertically (see diagram below). The start switch is accessible and the humidity indicator is visible from both directions. The prism and FTIR main unit are the same in height. Therefore, samples can be placed directly on the ATR attachment, which is integrated with the sample compartment. That can eliminate the trouble of having to cut large samples.

Large Sample Compartment in a Small Body

In spite of a body size smaller than a piece of A3 paper, the sample compartment width is the same as on higher-end models. This makes it compatible with many Shimadzu and 3rd party accessories, allowing it to be used for a wide variety of applications.

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