Item   Description
Measurement items TC, NPOC
Optional: IC, POC, TOC (= TC-IC, = NPOC + POC), TN
Measurement principle 680℃ combustion catalytic oxidation - NDIR detection method
Measurement range From 0 – 5 to 0 – 1,000 mgC/L f.s. (0 to 20,000 mgC/L f.s.  with dilution function)
Repeatability Within ±2 % f.s.  *1
Span stability Within ±2 % f.s. /day (temperature variation within 5 °C) *1
Zero stability Within ±2 % f.s. /day (temperature variation within 5 °C) *1
Measurement cycle 4 minutes min. (NPOC, residual IC 2 % max.) *2
Sample injection method Syringe pump/sliding injection port
IC removal method Acidify/sparge within syringe
Sample dilution function Dilution within syringe; dilution factor 2 to 50
Dilution accuracy: Within ±2 % (×2 to ×20); within ±5 % (×21 to ×50)
Automatic calibration function Automatic calibration using standard solution (Dilution water is used as the zero standard solution for zero-calibration.) 
Options can be attached to use up to eight standard solutions and to permit automatic calibration with up to a 5-point multi-point calibration curve.
Stream switching function Streams 1 to 6 can be switched (with the relevant option)
Display, operation Color LCD with touch screen
Conversion function Conversion with a linear expression using required indices (Conversion expression must be determined in advance.)
Load calculation function Using the analog input board (option) permits load calculations. (Non-isolated analog inputs; load resistance: 100 ohms)
EPA TOC removal rate calculation function TOC removal rate calculation according to the United States EPA regulations (Part IV 40 CFR Part 9, 141 and 142, 1998) (when a 2- or more-stream switching option is provided)
Data storage function Store 20,000 past on-line measured values (equivalent to one year's data at 30-minute measuring cycle).
Offers trend graph displays.
Data storage device Store measured values or measurement conditions to USB memory *3.
(USB 1.1 or 2.0 USB memory; FAT16 or FAT32; no encryption)
Recorder Recording width 100 mm, 6-dot recorder (optional)
Printer Thermal printer, 40 characters per line; 110 mm chart width (optional)
Analog output Selectable between 4 – 20 mA DC or 0 – 16 mA DC (isolated outputs)
With attached option: Up to 12 outputs (load resistance: 500Ω max.)
Contact output signal Alarm signals
Major failure, instrument alarm, power cut, CPU alarm, concentration alarm (upper limit/lower limit/upper upper limit/lower lower limit), measurement halted
Event signals
Maintenance, measurement ready, on-line operation, measuring sample, calibrating, regenerating catalyst, measuring control sample, interrupt sample measurement, halted, analog output trigger, analog output flow line recognition signal, measured flow line recognition signal, sampling pump control output (contact capacity: 2 A, 30 V DC / 2 A, 250 V AC; non-inductive load)
Contact input Start calibration, stop measurement, start on-line measurement, reset alarm, measurement start flow line 1 to 6, halt measurement (output contact capacity: 1.4 V DC min., 10 mA min.)
Communication function Compatible with RS-485, RS-232C (option), and Modbus
Use the optional Web monitoring unit set to browse measured values and alarms on a Web browser over a LAN.
Carrier gas Pressurized air, high-purity air, oxygen *4; supply pressure: 250 to 300 kPa
Optional: High-purity nitrogen *4
Power supply AC 100 ~ 240 V ±10%, 10 A, 50/60 Hz
Ambient temperature Within 1 to 40℃ (34 to 104℉)
Construction Indoor wall mounting (optional stand available)
Dimensions W550 × D383 × H1240 mm (excluding protrusions)
(W22 x D15 x H49 inches)
Weight Approx. 70 kg (154 lbs.)

*1) With automatic settings

*2) When measured sample is potassium hydrogen phthalate solution and operations to prepare for the next measurement are performed.

*3) Please contact your local Shimadzu representative to verify the appropriate USB memory.

*4) If TN option is installed, oxygen and high-purity nitorogen cannot be used.

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