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Shimadzu Service and Support : Complete peace of mind

Post-sales service and support is a vital and long-term consideration when investing in capital instrumentation for your laboratory. Shimadzu provides you with complete peace of mind for all aspects of your instruments care. Read more about our service in the Service Brochure and the following links: 


Service and Support

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Application Information

An extensive number of application information are prepared to assist you using our systems in different application ranges. Application information contains Application Notes as well as Shimadzu News Articles. You can search by keywords, application range or product range. After registration, you can directly download the requested information as pdf.





Shimadzu provides a large quantity of information such as Applications, Journals for different instruments and topics. 

Shimadzu News

Our Customer Magazine for Europe covers articles of new applications, products and developments in analytical instrumentation and materials testing. Also available as iOS App and Web App.


Shimadzu Corporate Magazines

Shimadzu´s Journals contain collaborative research, technical reports, application notes, as well as corporate company information - written by Shimadzu.


Corporate Magazines:


UV Talk Letter

News, information and applications concerning the UV-Spectroscopy product range.


FTIR Talk Letter

News, information and applications concerning the FTIR-Spectroscopy product range.


Application Books

Useful information and applications for our analytic instruments and different application fields.


LC World Talk

The Newsletter for the HPLC community contains main topics like new developments and solutions in the areas of HPLC and LCMS. 


TOC Talk Letter

News, information and applications concerning the Total Organic Carbon product range.