System Configuration can Evolve with Your Needs

The AA-7000 Series can be upgraded by adding units to allow the system to handle the analysis targets, and it supports a wide range of analysis applications. 

Application Field

Seawater, river water, effluent, sludge, air-borne dust
Metals, Semiconductors, Ceramics
Metals, minerals, glass, ceramics, IC chips

Petroleum, Chemicals, Polymers
Petroleum, oil, catalysts, chemical products, biodiesel

Medical, Biology, Pharmaceuticals
Blood, animals, plants, drugs, food products

*1 Auto burner system
Burner height can be controlled with a PC by using the flame model AA-7000F and the auto atomizer changer AAC.

*2 Dual atomizer system
An integral burner and a furnace are installed in the combustion chamber. Bothersome exchange of the atomizer part and the removal of pipes and wiring are not required. A newly developed drive mechanism shortens flame / furnace measurement switching time to 1/2 compared with our conventional products.

Upgrade from furnace model

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